Tuesday, January 31, 2012

An Enormous Plethora of Things

See, I hadn't blogged in a week, and then I decided to wait until a certain date, and then I was denied access to the computer for a bit, and then I was busy. Now, I am not busy. Miraculous day!

I dyed my hair red! This was the "certain date" I alluded to, two Sundays ago. Behold:

Isn't it lovely? Not my face, since you can't see that, but my hair. Just recall that I was blonde beforehand...and also, looking at it, that the lighting in my office isn't exactly superb. But, it is red! Hurrah!

What else has happened? There's so much to catch up on! Last week, I recieved a 5.5/40 on. If math isn't your strong point (apparently it is not mine, either), that's about 14%. I think there comes a point when it is beyond failing. Alas.

Often, when I don't blog for a long period of time, I find my writing clumsy and ill-worded. I just don't like how I write. I haven't written very much--blog or otherwise--in weeks, and now everything I write seems awful. I'd rather just...go do something else.

Hopefully that will change soon, because the second semester has started at my school, which means CREATIVE WRITING! I know so many people in that class, including Lauren, Maia, Kristen, and Tiffany. I also know some other people, though I'm not really friends with them, like Weslie. I think it's safe to say I don't really like him anymore. I haven't spoken to him yet, so I don't imagine my liking him in the future either.

Of course, with the new semester also comes gym. Two of my gym buddies from last year are in my class, which is wonderful, though nothing will ever compel me not to despise gym. We're playing volleyball again.

Last Saturday, I went to the mall with Lauren in hopes of finding a dress for Cotillion. I didn't find a dress (although I did find a lovely leapord-print prom dress which naturally I had to try on). I did buy a belt, though, so I suppose the trip wasn't entirely unsuccessful! Also, it's always fun to hang out with Lauren. She didn't buy anything, either.

Tomorrow is another meeting of Quills and Keys--my and Maia's writing club, if you forgot--AND a meeting of Model UN. We're having the meeting a day early because the next conference is this Saturday. My country and topic are actually really good--India for Water Rights--so I'm determined to do well. Aaaaand, maybe talk to Angola again? :D We'll see! Also, I ordered a very pretty dress for the conference, which I'm super excited to wear.

I think that's all for now. I'm off to do my Creative Writing homework--I have to write a poem about myself!

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  1. It's lovely! I love red hair <3

    Creative writing sounds like it would be so much fun to take as a class!

    I hope you find a dress for your Cotillion and a leopard print prom dress sounds like a fashion disaster but I'm sure you could pull it off!

    Enjoy your week.