Wednesday, February 2, 2011


WOAH. I should've blogged.
Yesterday: first day of the second semester. Did I mention how they screwed up my schedule so, for whatever reason, lunch and health/gym periods got switched? Well, they did. So I didn't know anyone in either class. Seriously.
Now, I have too much pride to eat lunch in the cafeteria by myself. I just couldn't do it. So, naturally, the next best solution was to wander around the school. Which I did. For a half hour. Alone. I literally walked around the school for a half hour. Towards the end of the period I happened across Sharicus in the halls and joined her in a quest towards the nurse's office, but still. A HALF HOUR. I considered sucking up my pride and going to the lunchroom, or else the library (which was full), but at least in the halls I was alone in my aloneness. If that makes any sense. It's always worse to be alone in a crowd than just alone.
So, that was awful. There was a ridiculous looking security guard I passed by, like, three times. An art teacher happened to catch me walking down the inescapable F-wing (dead-end), but seemed to forget that I was out of class and instead asked if I had switched out of art classes, to which I said no, I had mine seventh period, and she said okay and kept walking. I also passed Mr. Mel, my previous health teacher. See, I saw that he was there and kind of tried to shuffle out of the way, but he had already seen me. He asked me where I was supposed to be (laughing), and I said lunch, so he asked me why I wasn't there (laughing), and I kind of mumbled, and he said I wasn't supposed to be wandering the halls (laughing), and I kind of mumbled again. I also got a copy of my schedule printed, which I didn't need, and found out where to go to get my locker combination. Also, a little bit later, I started to turn down a hallway only to see Mr. Mel, Mr. Owens (a fairly regular substitute health teacher), and another teacher just standing about halfway down the hall. And this was me: AW SHIT. So I turned really suddenly, only to RUN INTO ANOTHER TEACHER. This was me: AWWWWW SHIT. So he asked where I was going, and this was me: AWWWWW SHIT. Okay, I kid. This was me: The lunch room. It's down there. Then I kind of ran.
Of course, next period was gym. Ugh. Up is in my gym period, but not class, which I suppose doesn't really matter, but just seemed interesting. Actually, a lot of people I semi-recognize are in my gym period. Just no one I'm actually friends with. So we got our lockers, and my gym teacher is actually a really cool old guy. Then we went back out to the gym, with like thirty minutes left in class, and I just stood there awkwardly. There were these four girls kind of standing apart from me that I couldn't decide whether or not to go up to, but eventually they felt sorry for the poor, pathetic loser standing alone in the corner and came over to me. So, that was nice of them. I didn't catch all of their names, honestly. I'm calling them: Asian Girl #1, Girl Who Looks Asian, Mina, and Tallie. At least until I get their names...
THEN. English. Always the pinnacle of my day. Maniscalco decided we needed practice writing persuasively. So he presented: the box. We all had fifteen minutes to write a persuasive letter to him explaining why we should get the box. So, that was amusing.
TODAY: Today I'm pleased to announce that I did not, in fact, wander around. I just couldn't. I couldn't do it again. I walked myself down to the library, taking the long way around (like the really long way), and happened to end up next to Elizabeth and Rachel. Elizabeth is in my English class, Rachel is my Latin class; I'm not really friends with either, but Elizabeth asked me about English, and as we entered the library said I could sit with them if I wanted. So, that was nice of her. I did science homework, gave up on math homework, gave up on English homework, and read Animal Farm. Successful day.
TOMORROW, though, Shari will be in the library during that period and all will be better :)
In gym we didn't really do much; got into squads and went over procedure. Like I said, my gym teacher is pretty chill. Today I actually went over to the Four instead of them coming over to me, which I consider a step forward. I still had no idea what to say. Ever. Apparently, though, Mina is also a writer, so that was interesting, I guess. Kind of talked. Kind of awkward. TOMORROW, we start volleyball, and actually have to get changed and stuff. I'm so certain I'm going to be the only girl there wearing baggy black sweats. So certain. I could bear it if I actually had an actual friend in the class, but I don't. So I can't really bear it. Best case scenario, I hang out with Shari during lunch, and have a guidance appointment to change my schedule during gym.
I almost feel bad about leaving. Like I'm giving up on possible friends pretty clearly, and a pretty schweet gym teacher. And hanging out with Shari at lunch, at least for a marking period (while she's excused from gym). I adapt to things too quickly, so even when it sucks and I'm miserable, it becomes normal fast. But still. I currently don't have any classes with Kim and actually hadn't seen her in two days, until she happened to pass by while Shoob and I were at Shoob's locker.
Anyway. English class. Kind of boring, honestly. I don't even remember what we did. At the end of class, though, Teacher announced the winner of the persuasive writing thing. According to him, he picked his favorite three, and gave them to his mom to decide :) But anyway.
Yeah, that pretty much made my day :D Actually, I'm still happy about it! I won! I WON! I mean, it's pretty hard to argue when you promise that the world will erupt into smiles and rainbows, and angels will descend from the heavens in a shower of golden light. But still. I WON.
Imma finish this later, since it's like ten o'clock at night, haha. COME BACK LATER. I'M NOT DOOOONE.



    Reading this entry took me back to the past two years of high school for me, especially last year when I had HOPE class hardly anyone I knew. I got to know this one girl, Jennifer, pretty well because her last name was next to mine in the alphabet/the roll. She was kind of ditzy, but overall nice. Then half the days I would spend with Kayla and Kiley, two girls I'd known since elementary school yet hardly talked with. Also, I would sometimes hang with Doug, a senior who had to take the class in order to graduate or Chris, a kid I knew from middle school. At the beginning of the year I kind of thought Doug and I had something. That soon faded, I assure you. Which reminds me, I want to talk to my tennis lover... :)

  2. Oh goodness, your lunch problems completely remind of myself freshman year. I had gym fourth period, and then lunch right after that (which I guess was better than having lunch right before gym, cause that'd just be stupid, but still). And thankfully I had one friend in that class or else I would have died, cause we ended up eating lunch in the gym locker rooms half the time. We didn't have any friends in that lunch and didn't want to just sit awkwardly at a table with this one other annoying girl. So, yeah.

    Buuuut I hope everything with your schedule gets sorted out! Even if you lose potential (possibly Asian? haha) friends, I would say it's better than being miserable. ;P OH, and that's pretty awesome that you won. Must've been a mighty fine box. :D

    OMG and the word verification is boxxes AND I'M NOT EVEN KIDDING. Weird.... *looks behind self for creepers*

  3. Hope you get your schedule back to normal soon!

    You have such a talent for writing posts by the way, haha it just is a good read.