Thursday, February 10, 2011

So far.

I totally had this sitting, untouched, on the computer screen for an hour before I actually started writing. Because I care.
Most recently, I went on Yahoo! and, to my surprise, saw that Nat was online. Does anyone even remember Nat anymore? I barely do myself. Anyway. I was surprised because she never goes on Yahoo, or Facebook, or anything. I admit, I kind of hoped that she'd talk to me or something. Just to say something. Like, "Hey, haven't seen you in awhile." Anything, really. She actually does. Three times. In different windows. I actually got kind of excited for a minute, until she started talking about an IQ test and I realized her account had been hacked. C'est la vie.
[Map of the Problematique--Muse]
I love this song so much.
Today! Today. I'm taking the National Latin Exam on the Ides of March (lol), and missing eighth period to do so. Always pleasant. Apparently colleges like it if you take it, especially if you do well, according to my Latin teacher. So, that's nice.
In gym we played volleyball, or at least something like it. I succeeded in only touching the ball once, to serve, and managed to fail completely. But it was okay, but Up (or Darcy, now) told me where to hit the ball, without being mean about it. It ended up a tie, anyway.
[You're Gonna Go Far, Kid--The Offspring]
In English we went over a new, massive, all-consuming project we're doing about mythology. There were six myths we could choose from, after we got into groups (I'm with Happy...again), and we got to pick based on who got into the class first. I wanted Prometheus. I NEEDED Prometheus. But English Teacher janked up the order (I was totally like the fourth person in) so UP/DARCY AND BERLIN(<-new name, yup) PICKED IT INSTEAD. AND I WAS LIKE, FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU-
So, I kind of made a scene. A bit. A little scene. Little! It was nothing. Really. They would not relinquish their myth. Fine. Whatever. But then Happy had to go ahead and pick 'Flower Myths' as an alternative. The hell. And now she wanted to make origami flowers for the visual. No. There is no way. None of the myths (in the book, at least) would even apply to that. Besides, covering a poster in paper flowers (which was the example shown to us in class) is unoriginal. Using flowers excessively is unoriginal. Obviously flowers need to be included, but the myths are about the people and the tragic ways that they die, not what pretty flowers they turn into. There was:
  • Narcissus--Naturally. He's probably the best known flower myth. I imagine for him some kind of adoring look on his face, with a flower wrapped around his neck--he was supposed to be completely absorbed in himself, after all, so he wouldn't notice that a flower was choking him. Echo would, of course, have to be included in this; maybe clawing at his feet or something, with the words "I give you power over me" incorporated somehow.
  • Persephone--This may seem weird, but according to the book, Zeus aided Hades in luring her to him by creating a beautiful flower that she couldn't resist trying to pick. This flower was actually also the narcissus, but whatever, When she went near it, Hades sprung from the earth and took her. I only tell you this because I didn't know that particular part of the myth, so I assume you don't either, haha. Anyway. I imagine the silhouette of a girl reaching for a flower, surrounded in flames. YEAH.
  • Hyacinthus--This was a sad myth. Anyway. Outline of some handsome youth, lying in the grass. Some kind of swirling blood coming from his forehead, which at the edges turns into his flower. I guess Apollo should be incorporated somehow, and the words "If I could give my life for yours, or die with you." Yeah. I'll think about this one.
  • Finally: Adonis. This was also sad, I guess, although I don't have much pity when gods are upset. Anyway. I'm trying to avoid using silhouettes again, since I already used that, but anyway: I imagine two profiles, one a beautiful woman (you know, Aphrodite) holding the cold form of her lover, Adonis, who know...dead. Just faces, though. Hmm...flower. Bright red flower. Woven through his hair? Falling from his mouth? I'll think about this one too. Consult with Happy and such.
Okay. Sorry. That was more for my benefit than yours.
I'm not even sure if either of us are good enough artists to pull any of that off...but...hell.
In world civ., Teacher told us about how it was a bad idea to take all AP courses because the workload would be ridiculous. I know it's ridiculous. But, my pride won't allow me to take anything less than the top class. For the same reason, I will never drop a class. Ever. I could never look myself in the mirror again, or call myself smart...yeah. I feel like that's a messed up train of thought, there.
In art we did ink paintings of trees! It was actually fairly enjoyable. We were supposed to draw trees in the background, middle ground, and foreground, with an emphasis on the leaves. Of course, 30 minutes into the class, she tells us that we were supposed to be drawing the leaves she had modelled herself, and this is me: 0.0 The page was already pretty full (mostly with some scribblish background trees without much of a definite shape and a massive foreground tree with leaves that were too swirly and discoordinated to resemble anything) so I had to cram the rest of the trees on there, including one for 'triangle' shapes leaves on the very, very bottom center, which is supposed to be the top of a tree. Everything is messy and somewhat abstract. I like it.
So now I'm going to sketch my ideas for English, and hope that Happy doesn't get too offended that I hate the only thing she's come up with so far.


  1. My friend's AIM account sending messages about naked pictures to my phone, so yeah, I'm pretty sure she was hacked haha...

    Duuuude. (Wow, I never should ever ever say that ever again...) Your ideas for all of the mythology-ness sound pretty rad to me. (Wow, I never should ever say that again either...) But yeah, definitely better than just an explosion of origami flowers, no offense to Happy of course. :P

  2. I love Persephone and Narcissus myths! I love your descriptions of them too!
    Have a good weekend :)