Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Well! Due to the excessive amount of snow on the ground, we got a two-hour delay. I love delays, because they still mess up the schedule so that nothing gets done that day, but we never have to make them up. They're the trolls of scheduling.
I admit, I'm a little perturbed that THE DAY after all the snow finally melts it snows again, so I still can't walk on the sidewalk. Oh, sidewalk, how I miss thee...
Cough. Anyway, Yesterday was a surprisingly good day, for Monday. I ended the night happy. As usual my day doesn't really start till third period, in which I complain about homework with Shaboomafu. First and second period are just God-awful. Geometry is the easiest thing ever and Latin class is just boring and long. ALTHOUGH we took a ridiculously easy phrase test yesterday in Latin, so that should boost my grade.
My grades are awful right now. Haha.
MOVING ON. After lunch, in which I had a peach Cabottle which wasn't as good as the apple Cabottle, I went to gym and ACTUALLY HIT IT OVER THE NET. LIKE TWICE. I mean, I was in the front row, so it was easier, and the other side hit it back--BUT STILL. Also, Apple congratulated me on my almost-not-suckiness, which is only relevant because I haven't had any contact with Apple in, like, months. Apparently he's in my gym class.
Then, in English, we got into groups to discuss the myth of Cupid and Psyche. Naturally my group discussed Asian guys and Glee instead. I do quite enjoy English :)
Unfortunately, I didn't have art today. Monday is a terrible day to have lab. Especially since we were supposed to be in partners for this and of the people in my usual group wasn't here, leaving three of us. So I just kind of stood there. And measured things. It was awkward.
Naturally, when I got home, I spent the entire afternoon on Facebook :D Because I'm just that kind of loser. BUT. UP COMMENTED ON MY STATUS. HRJBEGUNEGNDE.
Of course, the best part was on my science class's group chat, when a bunch of guys started talking about the magical things their dicks could do. Excuse the language. And the vulgarity of freshman boys, haha. Eventually I say:
MY DICK--oh wait.
AND HEY. THEY FOUND IT FUNNY. I'm so proud of myself, haha. AND THEN, Up asked:
Strawberry...are you afraid of balls? Because you squeal in gym all the time.
So I say:
HAHA. Somewhat.
(because I couldn't think of anything else)
And someone else says:
Only big round rainbow-colored balls. Like Up's.
Hee :) Merriment.
ALSO I hatched an ingenious plot with Sharicus. I won't go into detail, but it involves the guy she likes :3 Hee hee.
So today is Tuesday, and my horoscope tells me today is going to be a fantastic day. Maybe, horoscope. Maybe.


  1. Yaaaay we got a delay too! And then a snow day. Hehehe. But hey, my school NEVER gives snow days, so don't be hatin!

    Hurrah for actually hitting over the net, haha! That's definitely more than I can probably do... hate gym. And oh my, boys and their male organ related humor... haha.

    I hope your horoscope does not lie. :)

  2. Sounds like you had a fun conversation with your science group. Yeah my day doesn't start til later on either...welll unless it's a wednesday then it's hell all day long.

    I hope tomorrow goes splendidly for you!

  3. didn't we have a similar discussion in gym last year, when you were terrified of the giant balls?

  4. you should have mentioned how much you like KICKING balls.....