Saturday, February 26, 2011

I am bad at titles.

I was thinking of what to blog about when I realized that I have absolutely no idea what happened the last four days. I swear I have short-term memory loss or something.
We've been in the library all week for English, working on our mythology projects. Since Happy and I have flower myths, pretty much the entire thing is eloquent drivel about death and love and stuff. So fun. We also have to do an activity for the class (which is pretty much decided by this point) and a visual, which we might be meeting later this weekend to discuss :)
I've decided to call Shoob's and my plan Operation: Facetime. Haha. I'm so clever :3
This is because she calls the guy she likes "guy with a face", as opposed to me, who makes up nicknames for them. NOT some other reason. Hopefully, though, Operation: Facetime is a go this week :D
I have to read A Separate Peace this weekend AND fill out this monster packet-thing on it, which is all due on Monday. And, on Thursday, I have a project relating to it that no one has started yet. I'm so excited.
I'm waiting for the ONE weekend where I don't have some big project. Admittedly, this isn't as bad as, say, a science lab and an essay, but some weekends I just want to laze. Actually, all weekends I want to laze. Huh.
Thursday in gym was actually pretty nice. I failed miserably, you know, but the guys on my team seemed more okay with it than they have in the past. AND, ONE TIME I HIT IT OVER THE NET! So exciting. The ball went straight towards my head. And I was just like EEE. And slammed that mo-fo. Haha. The other team literally did not move, because they did not expect me to hit it at all. And then everyone was like "Good job Strawberry!" including the other team, which is just embarrassing.
Yesterday, though, I sat out the entire time, we lost miserably, and some guy started crying because Rose was giving him a hard time about missing the ball. I'm pretty sure we're done with volleyball. Unfortunately, I've heard from some sources that we have track next, which is just evil. Sigh.
So now I guess I should get back to science homework (which I am actually starting to get!). So excited.


  1. For some reason when I was in sixth grade I thought I was just so clever for coming up with code names for the guys I liked.... Grapefruit... I thought I was so original, haha. ;P

    Ooooh I remember reading A Separate Peace! Then we watched the movie in class and it was really weird. There's this part where they're all marching around singing about Hitler only having one ball. Yeah.

  2. I hate when I have short term amnesia too.

    Congrats on hitting the ball over the net in volleyball!

    I've never read A Separate Peace. Is it any good?

    I had to laugh at the fact that no one has started that's due Thursday. Are you kidding me? Classmates and I have mastered the art of procrastination. We were given ample time (3 weeks) to work on a history glossary (definition and significance for 50 terms we have to pick. They tend to be people, places, and events) and there were people working on it throughout the day it was due. But they got it done.

  3. *has started a project that's due

  4. Short term memory loss probably caused by blogging...

    We play Volleyball like clockwork, the second half of the third quarter. Every year we split up into teams and have a brutal throwdown. Also, my volleyball team has always been named the Globo Gym Purple Cobras, but that's just me....

  5. Yes, the font is different! I'm glad you approve. :D

    And haha, well. I think I shall tell you how the nickname Grapefruit came to be:

    It was sixth grade. Someone was planning a food fight and we were talking about it when a teacher walked by so my friend was all "...the food fight" -glance at teacher "...I mean, BANANA!" Real stealthy. So we were like "OMG that's a good code name! Let's come up with code names for other things too!" And somehow Grapefruit became Grapefruit. There's also his best friend Fishsticks, so named because he liked to go fishing.

    Then my friend wrote an entire series of musicals involving the characters of Grapefruit and Fishsticks and all of us and a ton of shenanigans involving time travel and and this girl in our grade named Hannah Kahn who is completely crazy and served as the villainous. Yeah, it was pretty elaborate... if they ever read those I think I would be doomed.

    Anyways I better stop now before this comment becomes any more obnoxious... but when I start on tangents like that it's hard to stop...