Tuesday, February 15, 2011


is a delightful number, truly. Hey, I'm actually going to write a decent blog entry, as opposed to a random, one-lined thing! Hurrah!
My day didn't really pick up till gym. Blonde Girl decided to wait and see how terrible the guys were today (since SOME of them were being pig-headed asswipes) before asking to change teams, which was kind of a good thing, because I don't actually want to change teams. Up is on that team. Heh.
Anyway. They were worse. Specifically this complete bitch, Rose (<-an appropriate name since he obviously has some masculinity issues), who is obsessed with winning. He literally runs across the court to hit a ball (and miss). He's not even that good, but he has the nerve to say "They want to play, but they duck away from the ball when it comes to them," in reference to me and Blonde Girl. One: I don't want to play. Two: At least Blone Girl tries, but it's hard to hit a ball with a damn shithead running towards them at high speed. I failed every time I served...partially because I'm terrible and volley ball, and partially to spite that little bastard.
I did actually hit it over the net, once :) It was awesome.
THEN, in English, when I voluminously ranted about this asswipe to Happy, Up joined in :D We are united in our great dislike of this bastard! Yay. Also, I was weirdly loud in English. Especially when Happy didn't bring me a spoon and I had a fruit cup. Obviously that is unacceptable ^.^ Haha, we had a group project, where English Teacher, in the "spirit of Valentine's Day," wanted us to work with a partner of the opposite gender. To which I said: "Valentine's Day is over!" And, since there were way more girls than guys, he instead has us work in groups with at least one guy. Obviously I flee to Happy's side, and then the only guy left is...no, guess...Basil.
So that was delightfully awkward. Eventually he left to join another group with people he didn't hate, which was a good thing. Yeah.
In art, Shoob and I made new best friends! See, we were asked to go to the teacher's lunch area (in the lunch room, oddly enough) to bring back some boards used for open-house night last week, and so were some guys sitting a little farther down at the table. So obviously they are our new best friends.
Unfortunately, the kind-of-cute one wasn't there today -.- BUT his name is John. So that's delightful.

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  1. Sounds like a good day to me, and good music to match the post :) Agh, I'm sorry awkward Valentine's Groups aren't fun, but you had some friends with you right?

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    Thanks :)