Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What they said.

I was going to post an excerpt, until realizing that most of the stories in my bin aren't actually stories, but summaries, or else the first three paragraphs and nothing else. So...there goes that idea.
I also spent a good amount of time just now looking through my exorbiant amount of notebooks (numbering in the tens, I believe) for one particular story, which has yet evaded me. Instead, I found a bunch of stories that I all but forgot about, and now am somewhat interested in. Eventually I'll take the time to gather all my floating stories and record them in one single, organized place, so I'll never have to search for one specific page ever again =.=
Does anyone remember NaNoWriMo? I decided to revisit/reorganize that little joy. I distinctly remember writing down the histories of some of the main characters, which would be very helpful to have now, and they seem to have vanished. Yeah...
In other news...nothing. Nothing has happened. I'm so bored.


  1. To not be bored, try taking up a hobby in addition to writing?

    I dunno.
    Just a suggestion.

  2. My friend and I were talking today about how we used to come up with all these stories back in sixth grade that never made it into reality... something about a fortune telling weasel with an evil twin... who knows. SO MANY IDEAS!

    You can do my math homework to ease your boredom if you want... If cotx=1 and -pi<x<pi/2, what is sin(x=2), cos(x/2), and tan(x/2)? :P