Sunday, February 6, 2011

The places where your heart beats faster.

Yesterday was the Model UN conference! I'm sure you were all eagerly expectant to hear how it went. Because you're all totally invested in my life and totally remember what I said I would be doing this Saturday :D
It was a lot better than the last one. A lot better. I wasn't as completely scared out of my mind, or self-conscious or shit...yeah. Still didn't say much, of course, but it was better than last time, just overall. I actually talked to people! USA and South Korea, I believe. The resolution I signed on to was pretty much written before lunch time. In the end, neither resolutions passed (one was basically pro Kosovo Independence, and the other con), BUT both teams made a rap to go along with the resolution that was pretty much awesome.
During lunch I hung out with Kim and some people from her committee, which was far better than last time when I sat awkwardly by myself.
At the end of the day, I think I surprised Shukla with how loud and somewhat insane I was on the bus, as opposed to my usual quiet, shy demeanor in class. Naturally, Kim was not surprised at all, but then Kim has seen me outside of school, haha. Anyway. I got him around five, and managed to scrape together last-minute plans with Kim for a sleepover. So, yay! We played Guitar Hero (naturally), drank copious amounts of soda (well, I did), talkes about BOYS SQUEE, and played board games. And that is literally all we did. We didn't watch any movies or even give each other makeovers! But it was still awesome, of course. We went to bed at two, which is early for both a sleepover and about half the people in my grade, but also got up earlier and had pancakes and played with Barbie dolls. Because we're just so fantastic.
Today I did homework(<-lies) and I am not, in any way, shape, or form, looking forward to school tomorrow.


  1. Shukla. That is actually worse than just saying his actual name.

  2. Reading about your sleepover makes me want to have a sleepover. Even though, yeah, it doesn't necessarily need to include make overs or anything. Just some pancakes will suffice. :)