Thursday, February 17, 2011


[I've Got Friends--Manchester Orchestra]
Hello, all! It is Thursday. You know what that means? Tomorrow is Friday! And then I begin work on a persuasive essay, due Tuesday, and a science lab, due Wednesday. Everything is just great =.=
Yesterday Rose wasn't as bad, though still quite annoying. Today everyone was pretty chill, and I managed not to participate at all, since our court wasn't near any of the teachers :D At one point one of the guys made me go in, for the last game, and I literally stood there for three minutes until the bell rang. Because standing there uselessly is always better than sitting there uselessly.
[I Will Survive--Gloria Gaynor]
I made a [mental] list of the guys on my team, by rank of attractiveness. Because I was bored and had nothing else to do. But I can't exactly share it with anyone, because the only other girl on my team doesn't really seem like she would care. Heh. None of the guys are really that 'attractive'. Rose is on the bottom, because his face reminds me of a needle. In the top two are Bobby and, naturally, Up (who is adorable.) Bobby because I kind of have a thing for dark eyes :)
Of course, I guess that list is somewhat hypocritical, considering Blonde Girl and I don't exactly rank very high anywhere. Haha.
[Apocalypse Please--Muse]
English! English has easily been the highlight of my day this past week. Yesterday we did a multi-stage activity, involved twenty-questions and charades and the like, and Happy and I were the team captains. Aw, I forgot I couldn't tell you the name of our teams, because they involved our names =.= Neh.
[Light of the Morning--Band of Skulls]
[Don't Stay--Linkin Park]
There was a picture on the screen. A picture of Poseidon. I saw Poseidon. I thought Poseidon. And yet, when I screamed the answer at the top of my lungs, I screamed
edkjub,rgvncfjuhbkiuz. But we still won :)
Today we did another(!) activity, this time involving a skit. There were multiple options, but my group (Berlin, Elisabeth, and I) chose the 'talk show' for some reason. Whatever. Berlin was Dionysus, Elisabeth was the host, and I was his manager...yeah. It was awful and kind of enjoyable at the same time :) Some other group did a rap, which was hilarious, and Happy's group had Up jump on top of Fang, pretended to be a ravenous bird. So that was great.
Oh, and yesterday, we had a class discussion after a quiz for which there were points. It was basically comparing the biblical creation to Greek mythological creation. I wasn't saying anything, obviously, because I find it impossible to jump into a discussion, so English Teacher made me answer one of the dicussion questions, and I did, and then Up responded to it, and then I responded to him, and it was awesome :)
Oh, yeah, and I've decided to make it official. I like Up. Likelike. Ohhhh.
Now I just need someone to find out about it and tell everyone, and the cycle will be complete =.=
[It's Raining Men--The Weather Girls]
I had a science benchmark today. It wasn't that bad.


  1. His face reminds you of a needle? Hahaha, for some reason that just conjured up a really hilarious image in my head. ;D But oh goodness, the thing where you know it's the answer but then your mouth just ends up saying the wrong thing is so incredibly frustrating, haha! :p

  2. So wait- you have a long weekend too right? That'll give you plenty of time to do homework though honestly weekends are not the time for that!

    Hope you finish it up in time!