Sunday, October 23, 2011

I didn't ask his name!

My first order of business is to humbly, humbly mention that I got 104 on the last graded English test and my average is now a 96. Haha. Hahaha.

Unfortunately, although my last two grades in biology were fairly good, I turned in a lab a day late and my teacher took 50% off of it, which basically kept my grade at 75. Basically all of my other grades are the same, except for math, which has gone down. I expect some of them to go up soon, though! Also, I should mention that I am no longer taking financial literacy hopefully as of tomorrow.

Things I need to do tonight: set up Profile of a Driver project, look up answers to chemistry pre-lab questions, finish reading Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress, and finish my math homework!

NOW THAT THAT'S OUT OF THE WAY! Yesterday was the Model UN conference, and it was fantastic. I actually participated, for one thing! Hopefully my progress is exponential and next conference will be even better. I've noticed that I've become a lot more confident since freshmen year, not just in Model UN. Of course, it might've helped that I was wearing this fantastic dress (in white, not pink) that I magically found on Friday.

I actually talked to people, too. Lunch was the best part of the entire day. I sat down with the people who I was working on a resolution with (which is traditionally what one does during lunch) and this guy from the other resolution decided to sit with us. He's one of those people who you wouldn't initially call cute, but then you start to like his face after talking to him. He was Angola. We all talked about anything but the resolution all lunch, including: religion, Fox news, grades, and ketchup packets. It was so much fun. I also met a girl who went to the school the conference was hosted at, and a girl who goes to my school, both of which are now my friends on Facebook. But you know what? This guy that I totally had a great time with? I never asked his name. I never asked his name. I am KICKING myself right now, because the next conference isn't until February. Rage, rage, rage.

Well, that was that. Hopefully I see him next conference and he falls madly in love with me and we run off into the sunset, yes?

The weird part is that I don't really remember what he looks like. I mean, I know what he looks like, but I can't picture his face in my head. It's frustrating. And you know what's funny? He's actually the friend of the guy I mentioned in a previous post, the one with blue eyes who I found (and still find) cute, and they were both in committee again.

When I got back from the conference, my mom surprised me with a new computer, monitor, and Microsoft 2010! I know this seems random, but our computer died on Friday for no reason whatsoever. Now everything is shiny and new, haha. In a stoke of magnificent, beautiful, life-saving luck, when I saved a copy of a school presentation to my flash drive on Sunday, I copied my entire stories bin onto it. We don't really know if the old hard drive can be recovered yet, but if it can't be and I didn't have my stories--I don't think I need to say how devastated I would be. I don't like to think about it. I'm just so entirely thankful that I happened to save them on that very day; otherwise I never would've gotten around to it.

Unfortunately, I lost all of my poetry and schoolwork. A shame, but not the end of the world, I guess.

Today I went to the mall with Happy and Tiffany! They brought their little sisters, who were adorable, and overall it was really fun. I didn't buy anything, even though I saw several dresses I really liked. I need to stop buying dresses! I can't even wear them, it being winter and therefore cold.

I should focus on my homework. By that I mean, play the free trial of Diner Dash 2 which came with the computer. I promise to comment on all of your blogs soon! I'm just lazy!


  1. Yay for good grades, young love and shiny computers!

    This comment officially sucks. Sorry about that.

    I hope life keeps treating you well.

  2. Sorry this is pretty much the first time I've commented in FOREVER! I missed reading your blog a ton. But life gets in the way sometimes.

    96? SAWEET. I wish my AP English grade was that good but unfortunately I read the wrong act of Hamlet. Woops.

    Awwww, I hope you get to see your mystery man again, haha! Maybe somehow you'll accidentally come across him via mutual Facebook friends or something... you never know.

  3. Dude, I'm jealous of your homework! I have freakin chemistry and algebra 2! Killin me! But ya know, diner dash is awesome. :P

    I've missed you!

    Winopula. Sounds like a province in Canada, eh?

  4. Yay at your grades staying the same/going up. That's always good!

    THAT DRESS IS EXTREMELY CUTE! I love it. I'm sure your confidence was sky high!

    And maybe the guy will find you through friends in common or... some of the other people you know from the conference knows him?