Saturday, October 8, 2011

Don't you think the joke laughs at you?

I should really blog more often. I have time, I just don't often feel like it, especially since my days are monotonous and boring. I haven't had as much homework as I did that first week of school, which seems odd to me, but what do I know? The ways of teachers are mysterious and foriegn, and we would be wise not to question them, less our A- inexplicably drop to a B.

My grades seem bizarre right now. I still have a D in chemistry, and it's actually worse than it was last week. My grade in biology has gone up to a C, because I got 75's on both lab reports we've turned. So, basically, I'm still doing terribly, but it's nicer to look at. I just completely bombed a 30-point quiz in math, and I am certainly not eager to see what my grade becomes. History, though, is absolutely baffling. The last three assignments, all worth 20 or more points, I've gotten 90 or above on. And yet my grade is just below an A--89.33. Baffling, and infuriating. I only hope I can bring it up.

Speaking of history, I'm quite pleased with myself, because we took a test the other day and I recieved a lovely 92. The best part was actually that I got the full thirty points on the essay portion, and she included a note that my essay was "beautifully organized and written" and that I had a "nice use of transitions." I love positive comments on my writing. Hee.

What I really want to do is take a long weekend off and just read. I have a constantly accumulating list of books to read, most of which I started and put down, including: The Brothers Karamazov, Crime and Punishment, Paradise Lost, Frankenstein, and most recently, The Sorrows of Young Werther. I believe the quote, "Always read the stuff that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it." applies to me. Half the things I read, I read because they're classics and I want to look smart :) Haha, I'm so vain.

I've officially been in school for a month. Only nine more, yes? Yes.

Maia and I wanted to start a club. It would basically be a creative writing club, because, you know, that's what we do. And wouldn't it look good for colleges? Unfortunately, we've been entirely unable to find a supervisor for it. I mean, we really only need a supervisor to be in the room for most of the time, since we're not taking field trips or anything and therefore do not need things organized by an adult. But supervisors are required, and we can't find one. It would've been so great, too! Lots of fun. There would be food. Everybody likes food.

I think I'll go window shop for clothes online. I swore that I would put the money leftover from my summer shopping into a savings account. So far it has not happened...

By the way, the title of my blog is from I Am the Walrus by, you know, The Beatles.


  1. Oh the Grades are always an issue with me too! It's amazing how the firs time you epically fail and then when you resit, you come out with a high grade even though you didn't really revise at all! I'm sure you'll do well :)

    Oh there are some amazing books on your to read book! I want to start reading classics again! I've got too absorbed with my Crime thrillers again.... Any suggestions?

    Can you not ask your English teacher to be the supervisor?

  2. Hey, thank you for the comment about my blog <3

    Thanks for the suggestions! Here's where I differ because I adore Wuthering Heights but I just think it's because I saw the adaptation starring Tom Hardy at the exact time I read it and he's beautiful as well as it being extremely dark. I shall definitely have a look at the books you suggested though!

    Oh I hear you! English is my favourite subject but I dropped out at high school because I couldn't STAND the teacher. He was a pretentious tool. That sucks though for your creative writing club. Do you not have a school library and maybe the librarian can do it?

  3. Good luck for the rest of your school year. I remember my school marks weren't the greatest either, but that was just because I wasn't focused enough.

  4. That really is distressing! You think your school would applaud your initiative and help the best they could... I wish you luck finding it! :)