Monday, October 3, 2011

This is going to turn out well.

Oh, my. I'm a bad person. I'm a bad, bad person.

...but no one else has blogged either! Where is everyone? Don't tell me you're putting your academic and social lives before blogging. Heavens, it can't be.

I have to talk about Halloween. I'm so excited this year! I have such a great costume in mind; I'm going to be glamorous. Not a specific thing, just glamorous. See, I've recently come into possession of this enormous, fabulous fur coat, which screams costume (since I certainly won't be wearing it ever, ever again). And what goes best with a fur coat? A shiny dress, a mass of pearls, and unnaturally red lipstick!

I went to the mall yesterday with Kim and Shari, and we found the perfect dress. I love this thing to bits. It's just the right kind of sparkly, and it really goes quite well with the fur coat. Things left on the Halloween costume agenda: black tights, some kind of obnoxiously sparkly necklace, and to figure out something to do with my hair. I'm already blond, but not super blond, or glamorous blond. Kim, for some reason, thinks I should make me hair brown.

I think I'll talk about my grades! My grade in English is like a beautiful dream. I have a 96!!!, since I got that grade on both reading checks we took. She's currently grading a vocab test which we took last week, and I am honestly terrified that I've failed it and thus ruined by beautiful, beautiful grade.

Unfortunately, no other grade is as spectacular. My grade in math dropped from a 92 to an 88, which bums me out. Since Latin hasn't updated recently, I still have a 90, but I've done every homework assignment, so I'm not worried about that. History also hasn't updated in awhile, leaving me at a dismal 84. Chemistry and biology are horrendous. I have a D in both classes. Considering my current poor grasp of both subjects, I don't see those grades rising any time soon. Bums me out.

I need to write a position paper for Model UN. I haven't read the brief yet. This is going to turn out well.

Good night!


  1. I read the first half of your post! you should be a flapper!

  2. Just so you know, I'm back and I've missed you strawberry! And our awesome word verification times!

    Mineson. Sounds like a small piece of venison. ha :)

  3. I have so much homework due tomorrow, and I haven't started a speck

  4. Seriously, what is with all of us suddenly getting lives? CRAZYNESS.

    I'm sure your grades will go up! Chem and bio are both difficult, but I know you can do it. I HAVE FAITH.

    I have missed blogging... but I really just have no time for it anymore. :(