Wednesday, October 19, 2011



I have been incredibly busy this week, and I still am. I just finished the homework that is due tomorrow, and now I can finally update. I have been sleeping so little in the last week. Last night I was practically giddy just because I could go to sleep before midnight.

Yesterday I went to Princeton University. It was for a biology presentation taking place there. Guys, the moment I got off the bus, I knew I wanted to go there. I always have, but being there again just reinforced it. I need to go to Princeton. I mean, the chances of it happening are so unlikely, but the only thing I could think while I was there is that this is the school I want to go to. Princeton, why are you so pretty, filling a young girl's head with dreams? Why, Princeton?

Anyway! Maia was there as well, and we immediately set out to go find some chow. We had about an hour, and most of that hour was spent walking up and back down a street mulling over food options. Eventually we settled on Panera's (adventerous, I know) and shared what may be my favorite meal ever: a blueberry bagel and a giant cinnamon bun. Nom, nom. Then it was about time to go to the presentation.

We got onto the balcony in this huge, pretty room with a stage and fancy Exit signs. Maia and I agreed these were prententious. We're Princeton, and everything here must be pretty. We sat next to a biology major who started talking about a lab he had just done, during which we nodded our heads slowly with a glazed expression. Heh. The presentation was really interesting, even though for some reason I kept nodding off. Probably exhaustion. It was about bacteria and how they "talk" to each other using chemical signals.

The bus ride back was dark. I could see all the lights of the towns and factories off of the Interstate in between the trees. It always makes me sad to see these, because I think of all the people there and the stories I'll never know. That was unelegantly said, but nonetheless. It was hard to tell where we were. We got back around eight.

There was something I wanted to mention here. Every day between sixth and seventh period, I walk in a mostly deserted breezeway in my school. Every day I look at the sky through the windows. Every day it's different. One day, I remember, it was milky blue, like the sky was foggy. One day it was brilliantly clear. Sometimes the clouds are massive and magnificent. Sometimes they're just forgettable, but I appreciate them anyway. It's a habit that I have.

Since Maia paid for lunch on the Princeton trip, I promised to buy her a book. I got her a book of short stories by J. D. Salinger, and an Audrey Hepburn tote to put it in :) I love buying things for people. I love spending an hour looking for the perfect book. Hopefully she doesn't read this before tomorrow, yes?

I would also like to mention that my English grade is once more a beautiful, beautiful dream. I got 104 on a test, and it's now above a 96 :D Ahh, so happy! If only the rest of my grades were as good!


  1. It sounds like you had an amazing day at Princeton. Blueberry bagels and Cinnamon buns? Another reason to visit America! They sound delicious!

    That's super cute about the book. I'm the total opposite. I hate buying presents because all my friends are awesome at it. I prefer to buy silly little cards and write quirky messages inside!

    Well done on the awesome English grades! :)

  2. Ruthy! Don't worry, I didn't read your blog before I got the book. You see, I am procrastinating today. And so I will comment on your blog. Princeton was pretty awesome. We are going to the beach at some point in time, approximately two years and eight months from now. Maybe before that, too. Why does it make you sad that there are stories you'll never know? Not knowing gives you room to create something yourself, maybe something that someone in that town will read, and they will know your story, and wonder if, maybe, it connects to them. And it will. and CrazyRandomHappenstance.