Sunday, June 17, 2012

Decidedly Un-lump-like

It hasn't even been a week yet! Man, it's almost like I'm a regular blogger again!

I've gotten through all of the plans I had this summer. For the remaining two months I shall be a lump. At least until around my birthday--finally turning sixteen!--for which I shall make merriment in a decidedly un-lump-like fashion. Till then!

What did I talk about in my last post? I only had two finals left, and those were both alright. There were a couple questions in math I had to completely guess on. Biology was blessedly easy. I think we get our finals grades along with our schedules, which is generally some time in late August. Hey, I'm technically a junior now! Two more years!

As for summer plans, they've all gone off rather swimmingly. The Q&K party was delightful, though being covered in fake blood was rather sticky and uncomfortable, and since we were in a park a large variety of dirt and small twigs ended up stuck to my shoes. The food was delicious, though, which makes it all worth it. I wish I had a good picture of my costume--it ended up looking really good! Although my mom didn't tell me it stained clothes till AFTER I poured it all over myself.

Friday, admittedly, didn't go off without a hitch. We got there, met up with the other people, ate some food. I'd like to mention that Joy and I, though there was literally no one else on the bus, sat in the exact same seats we did during the school year. Then we realized this but still didn't move. When we got there, Joy, Maia, some other kid, and I went into D-wing for some reason and looked around without fear of running into any teachers. When we got back they decided to play hide-and-seek, so Maia and I hid in the paint closet--which, conveniently, contains the trap door leading to the roof!

We went up there, walked around a bit--on the roof of the school--and then began the descent. This is when things get sticky. Maia went down first, but before I got on the ladder, she opens the door and sees a teacher walking our way. Of course he sees her, so he comes into the paint room and, of course, sees that the trapdoor is open. I think at this point Maia texts me "RUN", but alas, I didn't see her message till it was too late. She tells him no one else is on the roof, but he comes up to check anyway, and of course sees me, and demands I come down immediately. I come down, and he's gone, so I meet up with Maia--unfortunate that we didn't make a break for it then--and some other teacher shows up and takes us to the principal's office.

While we waited we formulated an argument--we didn't know it led to the roof, there weren't any signs saying what it was or not to enter, and in any case we just went up to see what was up there and went right back down. I suppose he let us off easy, because our "detention" consisted of sitting there for the remainder of the school day, which wasn't so bad because we were still allowed to talk. So I essentially hung out with Maia all day!

In case you're wondering, it was totally worth it.

After school, Joy and I hitched a ride on Andrew's bus and then we all--Joy, Andrew, Zack, some kid named Brandon, and I--went to go get pizza for her birthday. When we came back, Joy wanted to go to the pool, but it didn't open till four--we had to leave at five--so, since we were already wearing bathing suits, we took advantage of the hose and had a water balloon fight! We ran out of water balloons, though, so we played basketball two-on-two while someone held the hose and sprayed us. We were all completely soaked. It was great.

Yesterday was Benny's birthday party, which conveniently started later in the day so I had time to get a last-minute present. I got him a compass and a toy car--you know, because he's turning sixteen? Haha, I'm so funny--and a card with a duck on it. We ate outside--I've been having so much pizza lately--and he opened presents, then we watched History of the World Part 1, which was funny. I was for some reason incredibly tired when my parents picked me up at 10:45, so I went right to bed, though of course I didn't end up falling asleep till 12:30.

So that concludes all the things I had planned for summer! I suppose from now on I'll...sleep?


  1. I vote you sleep and read the remainder of the summer! But it's your life, do what you want, ha ha.

    As for your school year being over, congrats! I am also officially COMPLETELY done with high school. No more exams or anything. They handed me my diploma and I walked away. I'll have to go back in August to get my AICE scores, but it is what it is.

    Hope you continue having awesome adventures! I wish I was daring enough to go on my school's roof.

  2. gurrrrl, we needs to do something. something...something cool.