Monday, June 11, 2012

Short Post


One more day left of finals, and then my sophomore year is over for good! I got through two of the worst of my finals--U.S. history on Thursday, chemistry today--and have math tomorrow. Chemistry...well, I don't think I got everything wrong. That's the best I can say for it. English and Latin were alright; biology should be fine. I'm happy to be getting through it.

I'm a little surprised that none of my classes really seem to be saying goodbye, even though finals is the last time we'll be together in the same class! I'm just more nostalgic than most, I guess. It's not like we're all really friends, but some recognition of the end would be nice.

This has been a great year for me socially and an awful one academically. I'm fine with how it turned out. That's really all I have to say in memoriam.

A Good Start

Summer makes me want to go out and get new clothes. I'll have to schedule a mall trip some time, but first on the agenda is sleeping in till noon :D Actually, Wednesday is the Quills and Keys party, for which I'm covering myself in fake blood and claiming to not have a costume. Thursday I'm going to chill like I've never chilled before; Friday, I'm getting up at six for the (hopefully!) last time this summer to go to school. Since finals and most makeups will be over, basically no one will be there, so some people are hanging out! I don't know everyone going, but Joy and Maia are, so I'll be good. We may play FLAG TAG. Mother of God, I love flag tag.

Saturday is Benny's birthday party. I have no idea what to get him. Maybe that's what I'll take care of on Thursday!

I feel as if it'll be a good summer. It certainly has a good start!


  1. im really glad ive been finished with school for several weeks now...

    Good job on getting through the year though. It all goes by so fast, doesnt it?

  2. Yay for being done with sophomore year! Get ready to be a junior... that was a fun time, haha. But I totally agree. Summer makes me want to revamp my whole wardrobe, except the problem is that I want fall and winter clothes, not summer clothes... I know, it's a really serious debacle.