Monday, July 25, 2011

Now I feel shallow.

Hey! It totally hasn't been five days; don't be ridiculous. You know, I probably would've forgotten to blog today if it hadn't been for my handy to-do list (which I made last night), on which I accomplished two items so far.

SO. Sleepover with Kim! We played Super Mario Bros. for a significant amount of time, haha :) We also saw Captain America with Leo and Jon, and it's probably my favorite comic-book based movie so far. I thought they didn't explain the ending properly, but hey, that's just me--otherwise it was pretty solid. After the movie we got ice cream at Friendly's, which was delish, of course :D

Kim and I also played video games, painted nails, played Candyland, and, as always, played Jojo's Fashion Show--it's a hallowed tradition. Actually, now that I think about it, we didn't do much else. But we stayed up till four in the morning! We are both masters of making nothing last a really long time, apparently. But still, it was fun! And it's the first outisde activity I've done in weeks, as long as you don't count my short-lived bout of athleticism, which I don't.

In other news, I've bought another snail! And I'm pretty sure he's not dead yet! Unfortunately, he's been on his side not moving for hours. When my mom picked him up to put him upright, though, he retreated into his shell, so I geuss he's still alive. I have named him Eddie, which may or may not be the name of the last snail I had.

Also, I have officially become excited for back-to-school clothes shopping again! I suppose this isn't a good thing, since I'm broke as hell. Technically speaking, if I get my parents to hold off my payments on my phone (which I still do not have, because Great Adventure is a flying butthole) and they give me the six weeks of allowance I have not recieved, I'll only need two/three more weeks to have enough money to actually get the clothes! The chances of this all happening and the clothes all still being there is slim, but I can hope :)

Part of me is ashamed to be concerned with clothes and money when there are starving children in the world. Hmm.

I'm sure I had significantly more profound things to say, but now I don't remember them. My birthday is in a month! It will be a marvelous day, I'm sure.

You know, birthdays remind me of presents. Presents remind me of things I want. Things I want include: a school bag which does not make me sad, and a jacket. The backpacks I usually get don't make me sad, I just feel like something cooler. That's not important, though. I really want a jacket. I haven't owned a jacket in years, always just hoodies and puffy winter coats. I will take any type of jacket: trench coat, biker jacket; a freaking sailor jacket. But you know what's consistent between all of those? They are all expensive, or at the very least beyond my current monetary capabilities. Meh.

Now I feel shallow for talking about clothes I want, and money and stuff.

I wrote all of the above hours ago, and then I went to Barnes and Noble and read The Great Gatsby. I'm looking forward to going over it in school because I feel like I'm missing something from it, honestly. I've never been good at literary analysis...

Well. Good night!


  1. Ready? Okay.

    Daisy symbolizes the American dream while
    Gatsby represents Americana foolishly pursuing said dream until their inevitable demise. His life is void of happiness and love, but effused with opulence.

    There. Literary analysis complete. Well, for the most part. I bet I also wrote a paper about it sometime this past year...

    It's okay to be shallow sometimes.

  2. Captain America looks good! I'm not that into superhero movies, but this one actually might be one I'd like to see.

    I hope Eddie remains alive.

    That sailor jacket thingy is so cute! But yeah, unfortunately all of the nice things from F21 are all super expensive. All the cheap things are, well, cheap...

    Currently reading The Great Gatsby, actually. For fun! With Nerdfighteria! John Green is going over all of the chapters eventually on his vlogbrothers YouTube channel if that strikes your fancy.

  3. clothing. we should buy. yesh.