Thursday, July 28, 2011


It's almost like I have a life. I have done things! With people! I feel busy, like I'm not slowly letting the best(?) years of my life pass me by in a haze of insignificance. I should go hang-gliding and write a book and tell the boy I like him. Or I could spend my days listlessly floating in a dream-like state, unaware or refusing to admit that brief moments of happiness and activity don't make up for all the things I haven't done.

Oh. Where did that come from? Anyway, on Tuesday I cleaned my terrible, terrible house, and yesterday I had Shari over! People rarely come to my house, especially Shari, so this was an excitement. We expressed concern over my--possibly dead--snail, played Mariokart, went for a walk (it was so unbelievably nice outside--but not after we walked in the sun for half an hour). Then we went to the mall and somehow every skirt I tried on looked AWFUL on me, but I did get this fantastic blue tank top and a set of earrings!

We came back, played more Mariokart, ate dinner, and then went upstairs and shamelessly talked about people in the eighth grade yearbook. Also, we became concerned over my lack of clothing. I always thought I wore the same clothes all the time because I was lazy and didn't pay attention to what I wore, but apparently it's because I really don't have that many clothes. Later, after Shari left, I made a list of all the outfits I could make out of the clothes I had. Unfortunately, there are two problems:
  1. I'm not going to wear dresses every day, especially in the winter.
  2. I'm not going to wear skirts every day, especially in the winter.
This basically puts me back at square one, which is: about three/four shirts which I wear a lot and five/six which I wear commonly, a deficiency in jeans, and a bunch of shirts which I no longer like. My parents have given me part of the allowance they owe me, but I still don't have nearly enough to actually flesh out my wardrobe.

Essentially the point of the entire above section was that I want to go to the mall again :) If only my friends ever read my blog anymore!

Oh! Back to Shari. Eventually we drove her home, but a good time was had by all. I liked the part where we shamelessly gossipped about people we did/didn't like. We're just good people, deep down :D No, I kid! We also talked about clothes.

Today, I took my possibly dead snail along with us on errands so we could go by Petsmart, and less than fifteen minutes into the trip he suddenly starts moving around and being normal. So, well, great. Apparently, to test if a snail is alive or not, one must try to pry open the "door" they put against the opening of their shells. If they continually keep it shut, they're alive. If the snail comes out and smells bad, it's dead. I do not want to do this, ever. Hopefully Eddie will stop being weird and acting dead. We got him algae tablets!

After we were finished with errands, I invited Vera and sisters over and we played (yet more) Mariokart and ogled over my fish/cats. Then we biked to this kind-of-nearby park, and there were these three adorable children there who we played tag with :) When we got back, we hung around for an hour, and when I went home I had to take my second shower of the day since we were going out to dinner. I think I'm abusing my hair.

Speaking of hair, I once again have the urge to do something different with it. Don't get me wrong, I really like my hair. I like the color, I like the length, I like the way it falls, and it hasn't gotten shaggy enough to warrant a huge haircut (although it's getting there). But...I don't know. I've gone on-and-off about actually getting bangs for years now. I keep talking about getting a different style but usually they do the same thing: hack it off to above my shoulders and add layers. If I got a haircut now and hated it, I think it would grow back to normal in time for school, so what's stopping me? You know what, I think I will. I will get bangs. Gosh, I'm adventerous.

In yet further news, I have lost all urge to write. It's not simply writer's block (which I had severely before this); I just don't feel like writing anything at all. I haven't even looked at a story in pretty much a week, and while I go through these spells almost often, it never fails to bum me out. I guess I have a fear that I'll never want to write again and then I'll end up working at McDonald's since I'm not really good at anything else. Usually it goes away after a week or two, though.

I just swatted a fly on the screen and there are bug guts on it, now. Lovely.

I'm almost entirely sure that I had something else to say. Hm.

My mouse has gone from double-clicking everything to not wanting to click at all. Either way it's terribly annoying.

I suppose I should end here. Good night! Sorrow, and all that. Yes...I should say I'm going to bed, but really I'm going to stay up online browsing for at least another half hour. My, my.


  1. That's great that you are able to do so much!!! Good luck on the shopping :)

  2. I like having a life too! I am about to write a post explaining what I've been up to for the past, what, 17 days since I wrote last? Yeah, there's a lot to tell.

    I'm learning that my wardrobe is full of a lot of clothes I wouldn't wear any more. Darn me and getting a sense of style!

    Bangs would be cute. :)

    Do you have a tumblr?

  3. Oh, I'm sure you will never be working at McDonalds... I went through about a two year period where I just had no motivation to write whatsoever, but for some reason once this summer started back up again I somehow found it again. I'm sure you will too. :)

    Just go on a huge back to school shopping spree and get a bunch of new clothes! It's totally acceptable to blow a whole buttload of money on pieces of fabric... right? Haha.

    I always say I want to get my hair cut into some new style but I never ever do. Maybe this year after senior pictures I actually will, just for the heck of it. I kind of want to dye it red...