Monday, July 18, 2011

They hosed you down, you're good as new.

Does anyone remember in Harry Potter 7, the scene when Harry and Hermione danced in the tent? I have the song that played during that scene on my iPod now :D It honestly makes me sad. It makes me feel like I'm remembering something sad, you know? Anyway, I guess, if anyone doesn't know and wants to listen to it somewhere, the song is O Children by Nick Cave. I'm too lazy to find it on YouTube, sorry :D

I admit, I'm kind of disappointed that only one person commented on my last blog. It was important to me. Well, the part about writing was important to me--I don't know, I felt like I had finally given a voice to something I didn't know how to express before, and no one responds? It's okay, though. I'm not one of those people who beg for comments. At least I got one, right? :)

WELL. How have I been keeping myself, you ask? Today I hung out with Vera, the only person I ever hang out with anymore. We hung around then went to the library, then got pizza with her family, and then came back home where I trounced her and her sister at MarioKart. We then played online games for a brief time until her laptop started imploding, then played Stratego and ate pizza, which was going very well in my favor (the game, not the pizza, although the pizza was quite nice) until my parents called me home to eat dinner and stuff. Yesterday, I helped her make her first Facebook account! So, I suppose that's been adventurous.

As for anything else, well, I'm as lumpy as ever. But next week, I'm having a sleepover at Kim's! Fun!

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  1. I think people tend to comment on less on the most personal posts just because they aren't sure how to respond. At least that's what I've noticed with certain posts of mine, too.

    Pizza and MarioKart is always a good combination, haha! And wow, there's actually still someone in the world that doesn't have Facebook already? ;) I doubt my parents will ever learn how...