Monday, June 13, 2011


I was surprised and saddened by the amount of people who didn't know what Great Adventure is. It's like my favorite place ever. My FAVORITE PLACE EVER. It's an amusement park, and a FLIBBING AMAZING one at that. I'm pretty sure I'm going there again next weekend; hopefully I can bring Shari and Lolo along :D We have a lot more coupons and stuff, so I'm not worried about not being able to bring one of my friends or something. My parents don't have anyone to bring, so they're pretty much all mine :3

Well! Today was the world civ. final, and it was basically a lot of anticipation for nothing. It was ridiculously easy. The writing portion was actually the easiest part, oddly enough. Tomorrow I have math and science, which ought to be fun, and then I'm done :D Done with the school year! I never have to go back!--you know, until next year :P

Oh, and today I found out something very interesting. Imagine me glaring at the screen I say that. Very interesting. Apparently, my favorite hugging victim (Jaryd), decided to tell Up that I liked him...about a month ago. And Up didn't believe him. And then Happy (without telling me) decided to ask Up if he was sure he didn't believe Jaryd...the day afterwards. And no one told me this. As if this was not something I'd like to know. So now I can't talk to Up without worrying that this idea that I like him has been festering in his brain for a month, and everything I say just proves it...ugh.

In other, obviously important news, I decided to paint my nails again, but I couldn't decide which color, so I made one hand pink and one hand blue :D

I am incredibly anxious to get school over with, by this point. I just don't want it anymore. I want to sleep in. Although it will be lame not seeing some people for two months--and I'll constantly complain about being bored and having nothing to do--it will still be better than school.

Also, I've finally realized my calling in life. You know the game capture-the-flag? I want to build a capture-the-flag building. Like an ice rink, but for capture-the-flag, with obstacles and stuff. It will be biblical. People will flock from miles to play it. I might throw in a lazer tag thing, just because two awesome things deserve to be together.
After hard consideration with Kim and Lolo, I want it to be called 'Awesome.' Nothing else, just 'Awesome'. Imagine it: Hey, I'm going to Awesome to play capture the flag! It will just be that amazing.

Speaking of Kim and Lolo, and Shari (of course), we had a study party at the library yesterday and it was MILDLY PRODUCTIVE! Of course, looking back, we probably should've studied for math and science and not just world civ., but who cares? We had our own room in the library to study in! It was fantastic!


  1. his name is not up. his name is horseradish. write something.

  2. I know what Six Flags is, just not Great Adventure. Yeesh, give me more credit than that, haha.

    Up is just one guy. Even if things don't work out, someone new will come along. If only I could take my own advice about Tennis Lover.

    Good luck on your remaining exams! :)

  3. Ohhh, Six Flags! Yeah! I know that too, haha. I've never been there but it sure does sound awesome. :D

    Hurrah for almost being done with school! It's crazy to me that you've stil been in school when I've been in summer mode for weeks now... but you'll probably be laughing when I have to go back way earlier than you. :P

  4. quick question. do you own the book 'Linger'? i have a feeling you read the book but do you have it?
    ps. sorry about everything.