Thursday, June 9, 2011



Today I did what might've been one of the stupidest things in my entire life. It was the day of the Latin final, of course, and in the morning I was dismayed that EVERY SINGLE PERSON'S FINALS were at 9:45. See, I thought mine were at eleven. I could've sworn they were at eleven. 9:45 comes around and everyone leaves, so I sit around in the cafeteria reading my Latin text book. Finally eleven comes around and I go upstairs, and wonder why no one is in the classrooms. Then I see my Latin teacher, so I ask her what room we're in. She gives me a strange look and tells me I MISSED IT. I MISSED THE GOD DAMN FINAL. IT WAS AT 9:45 AT FOR SOME REASON I THOUGHT IT WAS AT ELEVEN. AHHHH I AM AN IDIOT.

So I'm taking that tomorrow, actually at eleven, an hour after my English final. I am an idiot. The rest of the day was pretty boring and uneventful. I am an idiot.

Yesterday was pretty much awesome. It was basically the last day of school, and no one did anything in any of the classes. English was the best. I TALKED to UP. Like, an actual conversation. We were all just hanging around stuffing our face with food, so I had plenty of opportunities, haha. He kept taking little pieces off of my brownie plate, and at one point (when he wasn't around) a little piece accidentally fell on the floor, so I absentmindedly put it back on the plate. Of course five minutes later, Up is around again, and he picks up THAT PIECE and puts it in his mouth. I'm just...."That was on the floor." And his FACE. His FACE. After he went and threw it out, he came back and basically asked, "Where was the logic in putting it back on the plate?"

I was hysterically laughing and didn't answer him :) And, later, I happened to pass him and randomly asked if he had skipped gym. He seemed surprised that other people hadn't. Oh, and later still, we discussed the zombie apocalypse. He has a very extensive plan involving an island and some machine guns. Okay, we didn't have some deep, thought-provoking discussions on life or something, but still. It's a step. And I didn't spaz at ALL. Also, on Tuesday, I actually got around to mentioning that I saw him at the mall. That's two days in a row I talked to him without freaking out!

Oh, and yesterday night, I went and got water ice with Shari, Kim, Lolo, and Nat. That was fun :) We basically just sat and talked for an hour, and had water ice (of course). I got mint chocolate chip, and we all didn't leave till almost ten.

On a final note, I am immensely frustrated by my sudden inability to form coherent sentences. All of a sudden, my writing sucks. I think there's something wrong with my hands. I know that's weird, but whenever my writing is bad, my hands just feel wrong. Like they're not doing what they're supposed to.

Anyway, that's about it. Hopefully I'll blog again in less than four days, this time.


  1. is it wrong I find you missing a final completely hilarious, and you moving on in about a second even more hilarious?

  2. Blogger is being really stupid. I tried to post a comment but I don't think it went through. Here we go again.

    You're not an idiot. You're gonna make mistakes. Just laugh and move on.

    You don't have to post everyday!