Thursday, June 16, 2011


I realized I hadn't blogged in three whole days. Three whole days! How disgraceful! I bow my head in shame and entreat you to forgive me.

I am officially done with school! Freshman year is over and done with, and I am for all intents and purposes (thank you, Lizzie) a sophomore. The math and science exams were surprisingly easy: math was a walk in the park and science had maybe one problem which I was unsure of. I'm excited to see my final grades, now, since they were all so easy :D

Oh, and on Tuesday, I had the marvelous adventure of going for a bike ride with Silver. We went around the park, to a bike shop (which was closed), a bit through her neighborhood, and then around this really pretty residential area in the town next to ours where all the rich people live. I said all of our ooh-ing and ahh-ing were a sign of how poor we were :P It was fun, and now I want to ride my bike more, even though there's really nothing of interest within biking distance except the mall.

Also concerning Silver, she was once more shamelessly begging me for more writing to send to her, and upon looking through my folder I realized that no one had ever read the 100-page story I had written for NaNoWriMo. I mean, I posted (I think) two or three excerpts but no one had ever read the entire thing. So I sent that to her, and lo and behold, she liked it! So now I'm revisiting that story, and wondering how the hell I'm going to fix its problems by August 14th--the deadline Silver gave me, which is when she gets back from camp.

I'll overview it here, since no one probably remembers anything it's about. It's called The Grace of Theives, a name I originally made up at the top of my head, but now I have more of a reason for it, haha. The main character is a girl named Emilia, nineteen years old, who is involved in a revolutionary group in the year 2026. The leader of this group is an enigmatic and magnetic psychopath named Benjamin, who is obsessed with the rebellion and has no concern for human life. His right-hand man is John, who is considerably less psychopathic than Ben is, and who is in love with Emilia. Ben and John hate each other, but they both need each other to make this revolution work--John comes up with the plans, and Ben gets people to follow him. Part of John's plan is to assassinate the current President, which Ben tasks to Emilia since she said she was afraid of becoming a murderer. That's all basically the premise of the story: it begins immediately after Emilia pulls the trigger on the President.

The writing is actually, in my opinion, fairly decent, but since I didn't do a lot of planning beforehand, some elements of the world they live in don't come across properly in the story. Also, her mood is completely inconsistent (one minute she's hysterically upset, one minute she's calm), and some aspects of the story are confusing and unnecessary (like the double names of all the group members). Overall, though, I still like the story and I'm excited to be working on it again :D

Yesterday, since finals were over, I didn't need to go to school--but my parents made me go anyway. I guess they didn't believe me when I said I didn't have to go and no one would be there anyway. Oddly enough, I was right, and I basically sat there for two hours until my mom came to pick me up. Silver stopped by on her bike, though, so it wasn't all bad. I was just upset that I had to wake up early again.

Today I need to clean up the house (it's already 2:30...blah) and take a shower, because Shoob invited me to see a movie tonight at 7:30. I am unwashed. So I guess on a final note, I really think the school year farted out of existence instead of just ending like a normal year. Why can I just have a normal end of school? Bah, who knows?

You may have noticed that my titles are now a random word or phrase from the entry, as opposed to song lyrics. Haha :)


  1. Congrats on finishing your freshman year!!

    Sorry, dear, but it's "for all intents and purposes" not "extensive purposes". I'm not trying to call you out, just help you know for the future. Sophomore year is awfully hard.

    I still haven't gotten my final grades and I've almost been out of school for a month. Strange.

    Your story sounds ah-mazing.

    GO SEE X-MEN. :D

  2. Congrats on officially no longer being a freshman! :D But oh my, don't worry, I used to thing that the phrase was 'all intensive purposes' until I read it somewhere. Isn't it weird how you hear those phrases so much but can still not know what they are? Like, I used to think that lactose intolerant was actually 'lactose and tolerant' for some reason... which makes less sense than anything.