Saturday, June 18, 2011

You can't go wrong with corn dogs.

Earlier today I decided to look through some of the poems I had written this year, and I honestly couldn't understand half of them. I barely remember writing some of them--maybe I'm insane? Yes, that's most likely the case.

I'm going to Great Adventure again on Monday! I keep forgetting that I have a season pass and can go as many times as I can, haha. I know Silver is definitely going, but Shari hasn't gotten back to me yet, and it's going to suck if her mom says no tomorrow because that will not leave me any time to find someone else to go. Not that I have many people to bring, anyway--so really, it would just be great if Shari could go. Haha.

Today I had the most amazing burger at Friday's. I mean, I order this same burger every time I go there, but today it was perfect. I suppose it's a marker of how boring my life is that the first thing I talk about is a burger--or of how fantastic this burger was. It was like--why can't everything taste like this? You know?

(Of course it'd be weird if, say, I was enjoying a bar of chocolate, or some other such treat, and it tasted like this burger. Or a glass of lemonade. That would be strange.)

Thursday night, Shari and I went to see The Art of Getting By, and it was the cutest thing ever. Not even cute in an "aww, bunnies" sense, but just cute. I squealed like a toddler at the end :) Sometimes I thought the dialogue was a little forced, and I could totally hear the lead actor's British accent, but overall it was quite a good movie ^.^

Look. Look at them and their cuteness. And definitely consider seeing this movie. I get how some people would say it's unoriginal (pssht), but I enjoyed it--and obviously I am the final judge on the opinions and tastes of everyone everywhere :D

Also, before I went to the movie, I got a random call from Shoe May of all people (she's one of the Gym Buddies, remember?). Apparently she, Jaryd, and this girl named Mira were all walking to my house! Exciting! So they showed up, we walked the dog, and we played cards, and it was all kind of weird that they decided to walk to my house from Jaryd's, but fun nonetheless :)

Speaking of Jaryd, today was his birthday, so I went to his house and dropped off his present--a box of corn dogs. To quote Kim, you really can't go wrong with corn dogs. What made it especially special is that I couldn't find anything else, so I wrapped it in Christmas-themed wrapping paper. Totally appropiate for a summer birthday, I know.

So, I suppose that's what you all missed. Until next time!


  1. I have never have the privilege of having a season pass to anywhere, so the fact that you can just stroll in any old time is pretty fascinating to me, haha. :D

    Hey.... burgers are serious business here. The perfectly delicious burger is not to be taken lightly.

    The Art of Getting By does look very cute! Especially when cute guys are involved... heh.

  2. The Art of Getting By may have to be a DVD rental for me. It looks cute and all, just not $6.75 cute. I thoroughly enjoyed Super 8 for that price. Besides, I got to see good friends.

    I never really liked corn dogs...

    Ugh, why do I seem so negative?

  3. How was the movie? That's a cool gift to get someone! Hhaha hope you have a great week!