Friday, June 3, 2011

Not his intention.

Today was not as bad as I thought it would be! I had a Latin writing final, and was surprised by how easily I translated at least 90% of the story, considering I hadn't studied at all. Unfortunately, I didn't know what 'land' or 'bring' were. Oh well.

I also had a science quiz which didn't go so well. There were only five questions, and I wasn't super sure about any of them, but one in particular I honestly had no idea how to solve. It was based off of a lab we did last week, and I just couldn't remember what to do. So I wrote on there that I didn't remember how to solve it, and a sad face :( Hopefully that doesn't bring my grade down too much.

English was interesting today, I guess. Happy gave me a wooden block :D It really just made me ecstatic. Up asked for it at one point so he could make a heart out of it, which apparently he is prone to do--asking people for peices of wood to make hearts out of. Who knows? Anyway, Lolo heard and said teasingly, "What, so you can give it back?", and he had a TERRIBLE LOOK ON HIS FACE and said something which, though I didn't hear, implied that that was not his intention. Mer.

Oh, and today was so nice outside. It was cool and breezy and sunny and everything. I could stay outside all day. Oh, and tomorrow, I should be going to the mall with Shari and Kim! Been awhile since that happened, you know. Assuming we can all decide on a time, that is.

Sorry, this entry was kind of short. I've been revisiting my story bin, and am now distracted with stories I basically forgot about ^.^ Ta-ta! School's almost over! AHH SCHOOL'S ALMOST OVER.


  1. No offense, but why did a gifted wooden block make you so ecstatic? Am I just too much of a cynical teenager now to realize that wooden blocks are what all the cool kids have? (I don't know, either.)

    ANYWAY, I am going to go study for SAT like the boring person I am.

    Take care. Make these last few days/weeks count! As they say, you'll only be in 9th grade once. :)

  2. Oh, and to answer your question about Mix Tape's one year anniversary, perhaps I have some giveaway for the followers? Any other ideas besides just another blog post essentially saying "yay"?

  3. We have seven days days and days....these seven days need to move faster...

  4. It sucks when there's something with only a few questions, because then even if you get one wrong it's immediately like FAIL. Rawr.

  5. So you're still in school too? Awesome, I no longer feel like a loner :D That's cool that Happy gave you a block, because it's the thought that counts right? Hope you're having a great week(end)!