Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The disgrace of a waste of a life.

Again with the not blogging for days, I suppose. I'm such a bad blogger, abandoning you all like that. Not that I've been up to much: I am the epitome of lumpiness. I'm so lumpy I leave a trail of ooze wherever I go. Eventually I'll become so lumpy that letters will just start to fall off and I'll become an ump. Actually, I think that might've already happened.

Today was somewhat less lumpy than usual, though! I actually went outside the house when my mom and I dropped off my dad's phone at his work, since he forgot it. Then, when we got home, I washed the giant stuffed animals I had been meaning to wash, and then gave the cat a bath just for kicks. I would've given the other animals a bath too, but we only had ONE clean towel. I suppose if I were truly productive I would've also done the laundry, but hey, baby steps here.

Then I ran over to Vera's house for a chat. Unfortunately, she had to go to some tennis thing, so I wasn't over there long. That reminded me of tennis, though, and how decidedly un-lumpy I could be if I started playing it again with my dad. And Vera! Since she is literally the only person I can conceivably hang out with on a regular basis, I kind of have to make an effort to do so.

Speaking of Vera, on Sunday I went to Great Adventure with her and her family. They actually got me to go on rides other than the small wimpy ones! Unfortunately, by the time we got around to both Nitro and El Toro, the two best rides at the park, the line was too long. It was kind of my fault, because earlier in the morning I chickened out at Nitro. It's such a fantastic ride, but for some reason I can't bring myself to go on it again :(

Oh, and before that, on Saturday, I went to Shari's brother's graduation. Not for her brother, just to hang out with Shari (and friends). So, I suppose that's worth mentioning. I could seriously live on her trampoline.

As far as what I've been busying myself with the past few days, it's pretty much the same as last week: sitting around and doing nothing. I can't believe it's already been two weeks of summer and I have actually done nothing at all. I hope the rest of the summer isn't like this :( Although I have been writing more of that story I posted last week, as opposed to what Silver commissioned me to do while she's away at camp. Oh, and I've been reading Fire by Kristin Cashore, and it is really just fantastic. I'm slowly nearing the end, and every day I beg my parents to bring me to Barnes and Noble so I can finally finish it. I mean, I really just love this book. Yesterday, while reading it, I actually cried--anyone who has read it will know what I was crying about. Parts of it are incredibly sad. Also, I love the Dellian lament in the beginning of the book:
"While I was looking the other way your fire went out
Left me with cinders to kick in the dust
What a waste of the wonder you were

In my living fire I will keep your scorn and mine
In my living fire I will keep your heartache and mine
At the disgrace of a waste of a life"
Yes, so, great book. I kind of want to buy it, and Graceling (same author), so maybe on our next trip to Barnes and Noble I'll beg my parents to get it for me :D


  1. TENNIS! (OH, OH, OH. My tennis lover was featured in my post, "We watch things on VCR." Teehee.)

    Graceling > Fire.

    RE: I'm not sure how I completely forgot about Harry Potter...smh. (I'm editing the post now. How ironic. It's #7!)

  2. Every single summer of mine always consists of a lot of lumpiness too... :P This is the first summer where I've actually been out of the house for the majority of the day a lot of the time, with cross country practice and a job... once you get a car summer opportunities seem to be a lot more open I guess, haha... I hope you come upon some awesome summer adventures soon, though. :D

  3. tennis! my father has played tennis since before i was born and a large part of my childhood was spent at the courts watching him play. so lovely.

    lumpiness, that's where i'm at, too.

  4. explain how a summer can be lumpy? did you ever get your phone back? Also, how do you give a stuffed animal a bath? i thought you just air out all stuffed animals.

    ps. i head off to Florida today!!!!!! :D