Friday, January 30, 2009

How very disheartening.

[You're Gonna Go Far, Kid--The Offspring]
I would be referring to, of course, to the fact that almost all the blogs I love (on Blogger) sound the same. Sometimes I confuse them. It's like everyone who goes on Blogger gets sucked into the same trap. Sure, it's still entertaining, and the stories are somewhat different, but you could read only one blog and be happy.
Crap, I'm gonna offend someone with that. Whatever.
Anyways, Imma try to sound like the Blogger blogs...because isn't knowing how to do something the best what to prevent it?
Topic for today's entry: Nick.
BLAH. Frustration. He acts like...a perv. But to me specifically. No one else. And he says stuff that would normally mean he likes me. Then he insists we're "just friends".
[Animal I Have Become--Three Days Grace]
Not cool, Nick. He freaks out every time Gem mentions him liking me or Valentine's Day. I'm hyperventilating too, but in secret. She asked if I liked him, and I said no, but she didn't believe me.
I'm kinda worried he actually means the things he says. Which would be sick, of course, but would also mean he likes me, which is worse.
BLAH! That's all I can stomach for now. Half of it isn't true anyway.


  1. *is offended*
    Okay, not really.
    But I don't get what you mean?
    Is my writing boring?
    I'm an unoriginal whatever?

  2. Yeah.
    I've noticed this, too.
    I don't know how to change what I have exactly.
    But I'll try...

    It's okay.

  3. Okay, apology accepted.

    Thanks. I like it, too.