Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Okay, not quite, but I'm really mad at myself. You see, awhile ago some guy named Leo started commenting on Nat's blog, and he had a blog too, and yeah. So, I IMed her on her blog thing and said I was Leo. Baaaaad move.
So now Nat's mad. Blah. I would call in sick tomorrow or something, but I'd miss the science test, and HBP might bite my head off.
Also, Moo was talking to me in Drama. Well, he was calling my 'Strawberry Shortcake', but same thing. That...bothers me. The only reason he was talking to me was because none of his other friends were there. Blah. Not cool, Moo.
[Circus--Britney Spears]
And what really topped the cake (with delicious chocolate icing, no less) was math. We had the Unit Test yesterday (notice it's in capitals. That's how revered it is) and we had a sub instead of our regular teacher, the Z (who is awesome). Some brilliant people *coughtaylorandherdumbfriendscough* thought they could ask for help on the Unit Test. The sub gave it to them (which was his fault), and then started announcing answers and showing us how to do things. He even asked someone from the class to come up and help.
[I Don't Wanna Be In Love--Good Charlotte]
I didn't know people could reach that level of stupidity. The Z found out and told us that since we were a school of character, we could decide to be honorable or not. If you got an answer from the sub, write -4 next to the question (each question was worth 4 points). I didn't cheat off him, and I my eyes were still stinging (awesome speech on his part). Taylor was crying. If I didn't hate her, I'd feel bad for her.
I missed a point on the open-ended question we got the day before, though I'm not sure what for. Oh well. I wasn't really expecting to be a wizard on the Unit Test, but it's still kinda disappointing.
[Beautiful, Dirty, Rich--Lady GaGa]
Another mean/"sick" thing I did today: Taylor's on my late bus, so when she got on, I started talking to Vera about what happened in math reeeeeally loudly.
Bah, why am I being so mean today?????????? What's wrong with me??????
Ugh, don't answer that. I can figure it out myself. AND NO MEAN COMMENTS, PLEASE. My guilt is enough...ugh. That's part of what the Z was talking about...guilt. I didn't cheat, but I've been piling it on all day. I feel sick. And tired.
[I Hate This Part--The Pussycat Dolls]
Bah. This isn't turning out as funny as I hoped. No, indeed. I must work on making my guilty conscious/miserable day funnier.
And, to add to my guiltiness, I've had two sodas today. I'm only supposed to have one. Bah. I should make a list.
Reasons I Feel Guilty (Today):
  • I pulled a really sick joke on Nat.
  • I've had two sodas when I'm only supposed to have one.
  • I made Taylor's conscious feel worse (sooooo hypocritical).
  • I traded my broken earphones for my dad's (this was a few days ago, but still).
  • My dad gave me the sausage leftovers instead of the chicken leftovers, even though he had the chicken for lunch so should've gotten the sausage.
  • I should be working on my Language A project, but I'm not. Ani's gonna kill me, but I'll probably tell her I left my binder at home.
  • My dad wanted to do something (play a game, watch a movie, etc.) and I said no, even after he gave me the dinner he wanted.
  • The sausage was...not as good as it was, but I told my dad it was good, which would only make him feel worse.
  • I got mad at Vera at the bus stop (we were having a snowball fight) and threw an iceball at her. She threw one first, but I should've been better than that.
  • I smudged Silver's glasses.
  • I'd rather skip school tomorrow than face Nat.
  • I got more songs on iTunes when there are starving children in Africa.
  • I'm supposed to be entertaining you guys, but instead I'm complaining about how crappy I acted today.
  • I barely helped in gym.
  • I left my math binder at home so I can't do the homework. It's probably on the eboard, but I'm not going to check.
  • Every time I tell myself I'm going to do something, I don't do it.
  • I went to Chapter 3 on my story and I'm not even on 50 pages yet.
  • I've been listening to the same song for the last fifteen minutes so I don't have to pause the list.
  • I feel horrible but I'm just being selfish because so many people have it way worse than me.
  • I interrupted Kim's meditation.
  • I said a song she liked was boring.
  • I can never think of an interesting conversation with Lolo anymore.
  • I would lie to get myself out of trouble.
  • I skip lunch a lot.
  • I lost a hundred dollars (it's somewhere in my room, but that's the same as being lost).
  • I don't appreciate things I should.
  • I don't feel bad about things.
  • I don't feel guilty when I lie.

Bah, I could go on and on. Again, please don't comment with anything mean, please, but advice would be welcome. Very, very welcome.


  1. ok. about conversions. dont worry if their boring. i don't mind. and are you sure kim was medataing?

  2. Don't worry about it. I like that you like my blog. :D

    Thanks for following my blog!