Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sleepover/Neighborhood Bonding

Woah! Great progress with the whole restoring-friendship-with-Vera thing. Can we say sleepover?
It started out with an insanely gorgeous day yesterday, in which I refused to stay holed up inside all day (like I usually do). I went over to Vera's house to do something, and Nicky (9-year-old neighbor) and Rora (Vera's little sister) were there. I helped tem get ice out of a wheelbarrow till Vera came out.
After wandering around, trying to think of something to do, Vera brought out HOCKEY STICKS. I've never played street hockey before, and neither has Vera, so it couldn't be really called "street hockey". More like "hitting a orange ball with plastic sticks that somewhat resemble hockey sticks". I was so beating her.
Then Nicky and Rora came out, and Nicky got real hockey sticks (he plays), so we played with them. I don't think Vera was too happy about this. Anyway, me and Rora beat Nicky and Vera 7-2 before we quit. Rejoice!
Then I got bored, and Vera was already bored, so she went inside and asked if we could have a sleepover. I'm sure you already know the answer to this. Yay!
Rora asked if Nicky could sleep over too, and he could. 5 people so far! Woo!
Vera lost one of her remotes (leaving her with one), so I ran back to my house and grabbed mine. It took FOREVER to sync them all. But it was so worth it when we got it :D. Playing WiiSports with 4 people is insanely fun. I won every time, of course.
Pizza for dinner. I had, like, 5 peices. It was so good.
Then we watched Shrek the Third, because I'd never seen it before. It was okay, I guess. Then we told scary stories! Woo, fun. Nicky told an insanely scary story. I lost count of how many times I screamed.
Then, a staple of every sleepover, A PILLOW FIGHT. I destroyed them all. ALL.

At some point during all this, Nicky got mad at me and jokingly punched me, after which I wrestled him to the ground and held him there, laughing at his weak attempts to break free.
Ah, good times, good times.
It was pretty late at this point. (I also destroyed Nicky at Mario vs. Luigi. He never had a chance.) Vera and Rora fell asleep in the middle of Kung Fu Panda (it wasn't bad, surprisingly), so when it was done, I stayed up talking to Nicky.
His brother is an ass. I'm just going to leave it at that.
I was kinda surprised that Nicky would talk to me. He acted like we were, you know, friends. Huh. Weird.
I fell asleep around 4ish, and woke up 5 hours later. We watched The Dark Knight for breakfast.
Oops! I meant we had choclate pancakes and french toast for breakfast. We did watch The Dark Knight, though.
I had so much food :D. Well, not really. Three french toasts and three pancakes, but they were small. Oh, and a lot of bacon. I love bacon. And orange juice.
Vera's dad had gotten a new game (in which we raced dogs, woo!), so we played that when The Dark Knight was done. I kept getting in last till I figured out how to make the dog move faster ;). Nicky left before this.
HA HA. Vera and Rora got in trouble for fighting. I had to keep biting my tongue to give them some advice on how to NOT get in trouble, cuz I know it's awkward for parents to yell at their kids in front of guests, and I wanted to make it seem like I didn't notice.
I never got why siblings argue so much. I think I'm gonna do a newspaper article on it. Maybe.


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  2. Yeah, I know. I didn't want to write a new one.