Saturday, January 31, 2009




  1. Nothing "happened."
    History fair just sucks.

  2. whoa whoa whoa what the heck did you just type there. Lol sorry my eyes can't read things like that you'll have to explain to me what that was about.

  3. Okay, awesome.
    I know a girl named Gloria, that's not you.
    And yeah.

    Calm down?

  4. I'm suring learning I knew a girl named Gloria must've been the highlight of your day.
    hah, I kid.

    And that's good.
    It's always nice to feel serene.

    I'm a little bummed -- I overlooked the fact that the lighting would be worsened outside with clouds overhead.
    And I really wanted to take pictures of me in this outfit and my panda umbrella!
    Life is just so unfair sometimes.
    Time to break out the chocolate.
    [Even though I don't have much, and I should resist temptation anyway.]

    I keep babbling.
    Please, one day if I don't stop, sue me.

    Reminds me of older entries on [Meh.]...I would go on and on and on.

    WELL, Bio vocab and math studying awaits me.

    Stay in school.

  5. Heroes? That's cool. I've heard it's pretty good but never watched it myself. Besides, my brother is always planted in front of the TV.

    Yeahhhhhh. I have no life, either.
    Actually, correction: I'm probably one of the few that actually has a life therefore everyone else that thinks they do really don't.

    I know.
    I caved in on these two mini hersey cookies and creme mini bars.

    Yeah, I could've. But then people might've thought it was ligtning! Haha, just kidding. Maybe I was too impatient.

    Okay then.

    Yep, me too.
    What's worse is I don't even know if I'm capable of writing entries like that anymore.
    Something with my brain changed.

    I think I'll just study in the morning.
    You: "I don't do math a lot."
    Me: Good thing you aren't doing tazxes.

    That's still pretty good.
    I have a 70.

    Hey, hey, I don't remember telling you to do anything.
    I am not your conscience.
    Make your own decisions, foo!

  6. Oh, my bad.
    I told you stay in school.
    Har, har.

    Oh, my.
    My word verification: spintspa.
    Sounds like a rapper.

  7. I guess so?

    Yeah. I didn't know what I had said about having a life. I was tired.

    My mom made brownies today. Sad part is my brother reports they are probably over-baked. Oopsie. I guess our parent's can over and under bake, but what about just right? hah.

    As you should.

    Taxes! [again, I was tired.]
    And they are most definitely what you pay to the government.

    I am not OBSESSED thankfully. Yes, I've had a mental breakdown over it...*sigh* :/

    And probably.

    Rhymes with pollution?

  8. Thanks for cheering me up.
    I guess your right about most of the points that you made.
    idk anymore.

    But, your joke did make me simle.

    So, what's up?