Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bally is going down.

So, I'm mad. Why, you ask? Because, I was aiming for straight eyes this year, but because of Bally (my LA teacher), I got straight As and a B. I have no idea how I got a B. It's so unfair. I don't get iTunes gift cards for Bs.
Art: A Comments: mantains consistent effort
Math: A- Comments: good progress, positively utilizes reassessment oppurtunities, follows expectations consistently, respectful to teachers/peers
French: A Comments: good progress, follows expectations consistently, works well independently
Humanities: A Comments: excellent progress, mantains consistent effort
Music: A Comments: good progress
P.E.: A Comments: good progress
Science: A+ Comments: superior progress, interested and eager to learn, respectful to teachers/peers
LANGUAGE A: B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments: WORKS BELOW CAPABILITES, interested and eager to learn, respectful to teachers/peers
Yeah, okay, Bally. Let's see how "interested and eager to learn" I am now. I won't even get into respect. You've lost all my "respect".
Okay, so I'm overreacting, but I'm not the only one who got a B when they should've gotten an A. I'm not the only one who's freaking pissed.
Seriously, how can she give me two nice, generic comments right after WORKS BELOW CAPABILITIES. You don't know anything about my capabilites, Bally. You have no idea what I could do if you let me. But no, we're all stuck doing Better Answers. Seriously, when do you use Better Answers in real life? What profession could that help you in? If you're boss asks you, "Why were you late to work on Thursday?", you're not gonna say, "I was late to work on Thursday for many reasons. One of the reasons is I stayed up late drinking at a party. Another reason is because I got into a car accident when I was driving home, drunk, with your daughter. This makes me feel bad because I know you're going to fire me once you get back from the hospital from a ruptured blood vessel. That is why I was late on Thursday."
ARGH!!!!! Lolo agrees with me. Thank you, Lolo.
Okay, so I'm exaggerating just a tiny bit, but that's the basis of Better Answers...restate, gist, list, react, conclude. Bah. Oops, I forgot to add in three quotes, two integrated vocab words, and eight sentences. My bad. *insert sarcasm*
And what's worse is, they change it every year. It started out like that in third grade. They added the "react" last year. They added all the criteria this year. Seriously, find something and stick with it. Or better yet, teach us the last level from the beginning. Don't teach us something and then the next year say, "Oh, sorry, you have to do something else now! Sorry! You lose ten points for every day this is late!" Bally actually did say that on our current project, too. I missed class on Friday, but if I didn't, I would have a 90 in that project. Niiiiiice, Bally. Just fail us all now, why don't you?
Teach us something that could actually COME IN HANDY. Or is that a foreign topic to you? Reading scholastic (not classics or Shakespeare or anything, you know, intelligent) and writing Better Answers for every sentence isn't gonna help us in the real world. You don't get promoted for reading comprehension. Reading is a wonderful way to broaden your mind, but not with crappy books like Code Orange or Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie. How about Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, The Inferno, Pride and Prejudice, or anything classic and written by brilliant people (not Twilight or Harry Potter). Hey, how about we study SHAKESPEARE? Yeah, maybe most people won't understand any of those, but maybe those people weren't taught to because all they do is read sissy books and answer Better Answers all day.
No offense to the two books mentioned, I do enjoy them, but they aren't gonna make me any smarter than I was before.
Wow, I'm mad. I suppose it's not fair, because I only got mad about this after I got a B, but I would've realized it eventually. Agh. Deep breathes...

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  1. Jane Eyre. that is so wierd i think theres a Jane Eyre at the fencing place.