Friday, February 13, 2009

It wasn't an accident, but I didn't mean to!

Oh my, I love new songs! If I could have a hundred free songs on iTunes or a hundred bars of choclate, I'd pick the chocolate. But it would be a tough choice.
Ha ha, just kidding. I got a new song though! Id Engager by Of Montreal. Go listen to it. NOW.
Right now I'm combing blogs I like for good songs. Some of them are creepy (sorry, guys :p), but most aren't.
It's Friday the 13th, so this entry probably won't save. Ha ha.
Now, since I'm in desperate need of filler, I will explain my story peice from yesterday: It starts out, as you can tell, with a girl who is leaving the only home she's ever known to go to a country called Parla, to live in one of the biggest cities, Dashe. She doesn't want to leave, but since both of her parents are dead and her cousin, a 17-year-old named Darine (also an orphan), is taking care of her, she has no choice.
The first chapter is an introduction to the girl's (Cylia, or Cyl for short) situation, and the boat ride to Parla. Darine managed to get fairly good tickets, since the captain of the ship was a close friend of her father, and the ship's more like a cruise liner than a transportation vessel. Cyl, trying to keep Darine happy, pretends she enjoys she boat. Eventually she is so upset about the whole thing she refuses to come out of her room, causing Darine to be equally upset. Darine tries to get Cyl to come out and do something with her, but Cyl runs away, right into a ball in the ship's ballroom.
Here she meets Enyn, son of the wealthy owner of the ship. When he asks her what's wrong she breaks down and tells him all about the move, her parent's death, Darine's strange behaviour since her parents died...everything. Enyn sympathizes with her and tries to cheer her up, resulting in a close friendship. Cyl and Darine spend about three weeks on the boat before arriving in Parla.
Cyl instantly hates the huge, bustling cities, and suspects Darine does too. But since her cousin is putting on a brave face, she decides to too. They take a train ride to Dashe and end up going to the wrong city, a much smaller place called Rink. They spend two days in Rink before taking a train to Dashe, and this time they make it to the right place. Darine leaves Cyl in their new apartment and goes off to her new job at a convenience store.
She spends one day, bored and alone, in the apartment before deciding to explore her new home. Making sure to avoid the slummier areas, she discovers an enormous bank, a theatre, a park, and an even bigger (than the bank) department store. Every day for three days she explores the park while Darine is at work, writing down what she sees in a notebook. On a third day Darine asks her to stop at the bank to cash a check, and Cyl sees Enyn with his father.
Enyn and Cyl quickly get into a conversation about their lives in Dashe. Apparently Enyn is just as miserable as Cyl, constantly being ignored by his father. They become best friends after two weeks of meeting in the park and talking. Cyl starts to have a crush on him. One day Enyn shows up at Cyl's apartment, and they hang out all afternoon. Unfortunately, they lose track of the time, and when Darine (who's never heard of Enyn) comes home, she throws a fit, throwing Enyn out of the house. It's the last Cyl sees of him.
PART TWO (this is a really loooong story):
It is four years later. Darine is now going to school and working at the department store at nights. Cyl is to be married to Jal Renio, a wealthy man who all but begged Darine to let her marry him. Cyl doesn't love him, but ever since Darine kicked Enyn out she's become emotionless and agrees with everything Darine says. Still Jal loves her, so married they will be, in a month from when Part 2 begins.
Soon, however, Cyl stops talking altogether, and Jal becomes seriously worried. One day he's taking her for a walk in the park, trying to get her to say something, when she sees something that makes her burst into an ear-to-ear smile. She runs up to a man and says, "Enyn! It's me! Cyl! Do you remember me?"
Enyn does remember her, and it's not long till he admits his love for her. This immediately ignites a rivalry between him and Jal, one which Cyl tries desperately to stop. After a week of quarrelling, Jal walks out, declaring he "can't marry someone who has a guard dog" (in their culture, he is calling Enyn someone who can't let go of their 'master', even when it makes no sense to do so). Darine is furious, and tried to force Enyn away from Cyl, but the couple runs away.
Part 3-
Enyn, a very pregnent Cyl, and their first child Dari (names after Cyl's cousin) return to Darine, who has worked herself to the bone (literally, when they find her she is starving and bone-thin) after Cyl left. Darine and Dari instantly become attached, and Darine and Cyl forgive each other soon after. Cyl convinces Darine to move back to Hayes (the town the lived in before) with her and her family, but a huge event soon prevents the trip. A doctor by the name of Kyt Koonam comes to them and the cousins instantly know he is Cyl's father. Unfortunately, he is very ill. They stay in Dashe with him till he dies, then leave for Hayes after the funeral.
The story ends with the child, a baby girl named Samria, being born.
WOOOOOAH THIS IS A LONG STORY. I'm probably going to change it. Eek, I got so caught up writing that, I forgot my original idea for the story. Oh well, it's not called The Burner anymore. It's called Cylia now...aren't I so original?

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