Monday, February 23, 2009

I thought you said forever over and over...

[Paper Thin Hymn--Anberlin]
Ahaha, I've never heard the rest of Anberlin's songs, but Paper Thin Hymn must be the greatest.
Woah, eventful day! Don't have many of those anymore.
I'll start with health, which was fun for the first time in forever. We're making commercials! Our original group was me, Silver, Kim, and Nat, but Nat went with Ani and Tiff since they're our friends too, so it's me, Silver, and Kim. Woo, fun!
We have to advertise a health care product we make up, and guess what ours was? You guessed it (well, probably not), Strawberry-Away. Guranteed to repel all Strawberrys!
We actually used my real name, but I can't write that, so ta-da! Ha ha, our commercial is hilarious so far. A winner for sure :)
Now on to Nick! He has Verizon, and I have AT&T, so he has to pay to text me.
[One of a Kind--Placebo]
Not cool AT ALL. Argh.
He told me his birthday :) October 24, which means he's a scorpio. I thought that meant we were horrible for each other, but apparently not. We "enjoy working together towards acquisition" and "can learn from from one another if they agree to meet halfway".
Gay. So gay. And he's nothing like a scorpio.
GEM TOLD HIM I THOUGHT HE WAS CUTE!!! He said he didn't believe it, but I was still freaking out. Agh. Nice going, Gem. Ha ha, he stared at me a lot on the bus, especially when I tried getting a picture of Gem. I was going to ask for his picture, but I was too nervous. I can't help thinking he wanted me to ask. *ponders*
Speaking of pictures, there's this freaky one of a dead girl going around on this forward message. Uber creepy. I hate it. It gives me nightmares. I mean, I know it's not real...
[Because I Want You Too--Placebo]
I need a plan. I'm to shy to ever get anywhere with Nick, and I definitely need a highly organized plan of what I should say, do, think, you get the picture. On my own I'm pretty pathetic :( I couldn't think of one thing to say to Nick and he was right across from me the entire bus ride! How many times do I get an oppurtunity like that??
*sigh* Help...

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