Tuesday, February 24, 2009

You possess every trait that I lack, by coincidence or by design.

Not much happened today, blah. Nick wasn't on the bus and I didn't talk to Bruce so that was pretty boring. People kept stealing my iPod :(
My new theme song: Drag by Placebo. It's freaking awesome. Go listen to it. NOW.
I have to listen to more Placebo songs to see if I like them. I sure hope I do :)
The only thing remotely interesting that happened today was Silver told Basil I said hi (which I most certainly did not, by the way), and apparently he said "okay" in response. To quote him: wtf? Is that all you can think of to say? Have some originality! Jeez!
Mini pizzas for dinner. Yum, yum.
I desperately need more iTunes money. I have 66 cents left and at least 5 songs I want to get (for now, that number can only grow).
Nat still hasn't given me my Christmas present, NAT.

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