Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hello there, the angel from my nightmare.

Good heavens! I haven't posted in five days and not a soul commented!
[I Miss You--Blink 182]
A lot happened in five days, which I wrote about here, but I will focus on Nick, who was FINALLY on the bus yesterday. It was fun just seeing him again, after, like, a week. He wasn't being as much of a perv as usual, but he was annoying Happy (not that I object), and staring at me a lot. Happy and Gem were obsessing over me and Nick being a "cute couple", which was majorly awkward. Nick was being all defensive and denying left and right he liked me like that at all. Argh. This is sad.
[The Reason--Hoobastank]
Hair before: Really long, usually messy, no bangs, no style.
Hair NOW: Short, wavy-ish, bangs (like half side bands), AWESOME.
Sorry. I'm not good at these description things.
[I Miss You--Blink 182]
I really wanna get out of the house, but my parents aren't home, so that's out. Blah. I wanna play around with my hair (which now feels absolutely weightless) and go to a party or something. Any place with a lot of people. And bring my friends along.
Argh, major uncoolness. In Tech we're doing this Doodle for Google thing, and I am nowhere near done, and we're using to do it. I can't work on it at home because my computer won't let me download! I should work on the story behind it, I suppose, but I don't want to. Eh. I'll worry about it tomorrow.
Blah, I'll worry about it today, too. Whenever I leave things undone it's really hard for me to sleep and I keep worrying about if I'll finish on time and feel really lazy for not doing it when I had the chance. Oh well, that'll disappear when I finish it. If I finish it...
I have many choices for a theme song:
  1. One Of a Kind--Placebo
  2. Drag--Placebo
  3. About a Girl--The Academy Is...
  4. It Ends Tonight--The All-American Rejects
  5. Into the Ocean--Blue October
  6. Fix You--Coldplay
  7. Stricken--Disturbed
  8. I Wasn't Prepared--Eisley
  9. Going Under--Evanescence
  10. Over My Head--The Fray
  11. You Found Me--The Fray
  12. I Don't Wanna Be In Love--Good Charlotte
  13. Boulevard of Broken Dreams--Green Day
  14. Not Your Concern--The Hush Sound
  15. Faint--Linkin Park
  16. Unwritten--Natasha Bedingfield
  17. Time Is Running Out--Muse
  18. Starlight--Muse
  19. I'm Not Okay--My Chemical Romance
  20. Hate I Really Don't Like You--Plain White T's
  21. Save Me--Queen
  22. My Name Is Love--Rob Dickinson
  23. Too Late--Skye Sweetnam
  24. Animal I Have Become--Three Days Grace

See? A lot. My list of favorite songs is much longer, but has a lot of the same songs.

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  1. Yeah, I need my hair done, too. My bands have grown out and it's long and sort of icky.

    A list of possible theme songs?
    For what? Just yourself? That's pretty awesome...

    I personally like Over My Head--The Fray, and Not Your Concern--The Hush Sound. Just sayin'.

    And uhm.
    Oh! Where did your title come from? My friend Kai's myspace display name is "The angel from your nightmare."

    I don't know what to make of that.
    Partly because I'm half brain dead.
    Yep, so tired.