Monday, March 2, 2009

I never know where the tears come from.

Snow Day! Woo. The snow is gorgeous and white and awesome. It's really powdery, though, not good for snowballs. I made a snowangel in it earlier today and nearly froze to death ;)
Blah, I wanted to go over to Kim's house, but my mom wouldn't drive me, so I asked my dad if he was getting off early, and he wasn't, so he was gonna call Mom and convince her, but he was busy and never got around to it, and she left for work before she could. *sigh* Some things were not meant to sucks though. That would've been fun.
I got my hair cut on Saturday! Rejoice. It looked super-cute on Saturday and Sunday, but today I slept on it wrong, and there's a big wavy poof on the side of my head now :D Oh well. Good thing there wasn't school today, huh?
*sigh* Snow days aren't as fun as they used to be, especially since I have no one to throw snowballs at :'(
Spur-of-the-moment, not-well-thought-out poem:
Moral guilt
quick anger
do not mix.
It always ends
so badly.
Nor do
brute honesty
honesty from a liar.
You tend to think
I think
I am above you,
I tend to think
you think
you're always right.
I tend to think
you think
someone's always
to blame,
and you tend to think
I think
nothing matters.
pessimistic depression
don't mix,
as righteousness
don't as well.
pushes us
to conclusions,
forces our minds
into different molds,
while calmness
shaves away
what makes us us,
what makes us we.
What I care about:
I know you do too.
Believe me when I say
I'd rather be with you.
You know what sucks? The one person I reeeeeally want to read this probably won't.
That's my new thing, by the way: highlight the most important part in my poetry. Yes, I write poems. Bet ya never never knew that.

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  1. Happy [Second] of March!

    My hair was is and probably always be boring. I'm uninspired.

    Okey doke, if theme songs float your boat, that's coolio.

    Mmm, maybe.

    "Rehom." Kinda like rehab, but they try to make you feel more at home?

    I like the poem. And no, I didn't know you wrote poetry. Now I do. :)