Monday, March 9, 2009

Afraid to say what was on my mind, afraid to say what I need to say.

[Hit the Floor--Linkin Park]

"I value your opinion and respect your point-of-view because I know you're experienced and knowledgeable and know what's best for me."

How parents want you to respond to everything they say. Surprisingly, I was not killed for this.

CATMAN GOT A HAIRCUT! He looks like Christopher Robins. Soooooo adorable. Ha ha, Charlie said "He's gonna get all the ladies now". CHARLIE. That's insanely funny.


Nick has the most incredible blue eyes I've ever seen. They're like the bluest blue on the face of the earth. Award-winning blue. Super-blue. Defender of the Earth.

I got to look at them quite a bit today :) Joy is coupled with sadness, though: after watching Gem, Bruce, and I play around with phone-cameras (I'm sorry, there is no easier, less confusing way to say that) for almost the whole bus ride, he went to the back. Waah. Ah well, I didn't exactly give him a reason to stay. And Bruce still won't admit to liking Pope, but I'm almost sure he does.

Kim has a soul mate. We don't know his name yet. It's not Hernando.

I think I know who my soul mate is, but no one can know! Mwa ha ha.

Hmm...what else...

[Ugly Side--Blue October]

I'm in serious need of iTunes money. It's dangerous to live this long without a continuous supply of music.

Ahaha, I drew an awesome (if I do say so myself) picture. Now I need to post it! Ha ha, that'll never happen, at least not as long as the camera cord is missing.

Ichigo Keki: Strawberry Cake. Grophs are amazing. Best people ever on there.


  1. strawberry shortcakeMarch 10, 2009 at 4:09 PM

    Ha ha. No. Gee, haven't I said this before?

    Ha ha, lersions.