Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sparkly Magical Unicorn Wonder

Thursday- So I'm taking steps to get over Basil, including saying I don't like him anymore. Not trying before has left a sad mark on me. Now's the time. But it's hard when he comes to school as the world's hottest nerd.
That joke would be funny if I ended it there, but I should explain: Basil, Daniel, and Apple came to school dressed as nerds for "Dress As a Peaceful Person" Day (Spirit Week, remember?). I can never look at nerds the same way again.
Haha, I dressed up as Lolo, but it didn't work out too well.
Friday- Last day of Spirit Week! A.K.A the only time large crowds don't scare me. Since we were in the same room before, I got to sit with Nat, Ani, Silver, and Kim. Eventually we all moved, but it was still fun. Switched to the back row. Sat next to Charlie, who I've been talking to more (strange). Got to stand on top of the bleachers and scream my head off (note to self: this makes me dizzy. Cover ears next time.). Accidently kicked my hoodie under the bleachers and had to retrieve it afterwards.
Later, the dance! Did I ever mention I lovelovelove dances? Nick was there, but he didn't really talk to me (grr, not cool, Nick). They didn't play Girlfriend (Avril Lavigne), which sucked. But it was still fun. I hung out with Jenci but not with Kim that much. I can't believe it was the last dance of the year! They should have one every month.
Today- SUPER GIANT DRAMA REHEARSAL TODAY. We got there at 9 and left at 3 (it is now 4, strange). It was fun, because we didn't really do anything till the actual rehearsal (also fun), except get our costumes on. I'm a squirrel (fuzzy adorableness). The oompa-loompas have the gayest costumes.
I was with Jenci 90% of the time, Ani 75% of the time, and Nat/Lolo 50% of the time. So, it was all fun. I even helped with stage crew at one point. And we ran around the school and wrote on boards. Fun.
Never, ever, ever wear knee-socks with shorts. Just don't.
My hair is a mess from putting it in a bun on top of my head. Ha ha. I should clean it up, but that would involve doing something besides being on the computer and basking in the cold glory of the fan.
I really, really need to update my Blog List!
Facebook is addictive :)

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