Saturday, March 21, 2009

What's the worse thing I could say? Things are better if I stay.

[Helena--My Chemical Romance]

So. I'm in a mood. Not sure what kind of mood, but a mood.

In my quest to escape boring weekends, I've dug up two past hobbies of mine and electrocuted them (Frankenstein style) back to life. These would be: gardening and fish.

Gardening: I used to grow tomatoes, but bugs always got them before we did. This time, I'm growing flowers. You see, we have these little gardeny rectangles on the side of the steps leading to the door on my house (five bucks if you understand that the first time), and we grew things in there on and off.

[Give 'Em Hell, Kid--My Chemical Romance]

On the left side: a Double Delight rose on the right side (of the left side, cool!), and I'm still deciding on what to put next to it. It has to flow with the flowers that will be on the other side, a gorgeous little flower that I currently forget the name of. Don't worry, I'm searching for it!
[You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison--My Chemical Romance]

*humming* I'm just the worst kind of guy to argue with what you might find and for the last night I lie...could I lie next to you?

[The Jetset Life is Gonna Kill You--My Chemical Romance]

[Thank You For the Venom--My Chemical Romance]

They're something like these, but the flowers look different, they're shorter, and there aren't leaves. Besides that, they're exactly the same.
I have to find flowers that look good with this, to put next to the rose. It's super hard. There's practically nothing. But search I will!
On to the second hobby: fish. I used to have bettas (Japenese Fighting Fish), but I stopped once and never really got back into it. But once I clean out the fish tank, fish I will have! I went over to Petsmart (is it Pet Smart or Pets Mart? Neither, it's Petsmart.) and looked at the bettas, and they all looked depressed. I hate those tiny little things they're kept in, even though I know they're cool with it. It just seems wrong somehow.
Anyways, what with the sorry collection of my favorite fish (I've never had another type), I decided to look at the other fish. You know, the tiny ones that are kept about 50 to a tank that line half of one of the walls? Well, I was browsing, and the same guy asked if I needed help twice.
Ha ha, that's not what I was going to say. I was going to say I FOUND THE COOLEST FISH EVER. It's CLEAR. As in you can see through it. I knew these existed, but I didn't know you could BUY them. They're so cool. They had two types in the tank: glass fish and ghost catfish. Honestly, I liked the little clear catfish better, because all the organs and stuff was up in the front, and it was just the spine and such going down, so it looked kinda like a nail. The other fish's organs were all spread out around it's body.
Funny story: I had a field day trying to decide on a way to describe the glass fish. The catfish were long, and the others were what? Tall? No, fish can't be tall. They weren't wide, of course. They were squatter than the catfish. I don't know.
[Hang 'Em High--My Chemical Romance]
Either way, I was thinking, wouldn't it be disgusting if there was a regular-sized catfish that was clear? That would be soooo freaky.
So I'm thinking getting the ghost catfish. They were so cool. I could get, like, five. Hmm, I have to figure out how to breed bettas. I've always wanted to do that.
I wanted to change the template on my blog, but it doesn't look like I'll have time. Oh well. Tomorrow? I'll also have to clean out the fish stuff and clear the weeds from my soon-to-be garden tomorrow. Woo, fun!
Do clear fish have scales?


  1. sevral things
    1. you do not want breed betas or fish in genral actully. they have babies. unless your really careful they usally get eaten. Then the ones left start multipling and/or the males killing eachs other.

    2. you reminded me of when i'm little and i'd go to petsmart and my dad and i would go along to wall and look at all the fish

    3. no clue about the scales

  2. strawberry shortcakeMarch 22, 2009 at 7:49 AM


    I haven't done that in years. Most of them aren't interesting.



  3. hey, i understood it the first time! your not going to give me 5$, are you? jerk. if i wasnt planning on being nice to you on monday, i would totaly bug you about that all day long. poop. guesss ill do that on tues. i got first place and you didnt, haha!

    but the wee!