Thursday, March 26, 2009

"The old me is dead and gone, dead and gone."

[Dead and Gone--T.I.]
Oh my, I love Microsoft 2007. And the song I'm listening to right now.
New French project! I'm partnered with, of course, Frenchie. I say 'of course' because I knew, I just knew, I was going to be partnered with him. I foresaw it!
Sorry I haven't blogged in forever, I haven't really been on the computer a lot, or long enough to blog. It's not like I had a lot to blog about.
The play is tomorrow! I'm not really nervous. It hasn't really registered yet. Actually, nothing has. It's weird. It's like time has become meaningless, and I'm just floating along in a vacuum of occurrences and observations, nothing really staying with me. I need something to break this numbness. Like, now. It's really starting to scare me.
Steps to get over Basil have, to no surprise, failed. I keep remembering why I started liking him so much in the first place. Not really conducive to getting-over-ness.
Facebook is addictive!
New story idea: The Outcast Table. In this science class, all the 'outcasts' are grouped at one table. Together, they make a plan to tear down the 'popular' crowd, but it ends up going too far. At the end, the narrator has to make the choice between letting her friend take the fall for everything or blaming everything on herself. Interesting, no? I actually really like it so far. Not to sound conceited or anything (which, Silver, I am NOT!).
Jenci is awesome. But she had worse self esteem than me.
Gonna go write and Facebook ;) Oh, and finish my PowerPoint on myself. Love them PowerPoints on myself.


  1. Love love love that song!

    It's know...just in case you forgot me:)

    I agree, FB is quite the place to spend three hours.

    Ugh, sorry, hidiously short comment. It's late. And I've been sitting in this chair too long.

    Haha, I was about to go into this whole long rant pact fully with nothing but my oh-so-insignificant issues.

    Count yourself lucky, missy.


  2. I'll have to check out that song.

    *is sad you don't have time to blog*

    Powerpoint on yourself, eh?

    Facebook is semi-cool. I don't have many friends, so that's the problem. :/

    Resto: What I should be getting lots of, but do I? Psh, no.

    [yeah, this comment was on the short side.]