Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"I see nothing where there's everything, anything in nothing...but you know, it's not me, I'm not blind. I just see with different eyes."

Early-morning entry.

If only the world looked like this...


  1. Dead and Gone by T.I., I think.

    Same, but I do it anyway! :] hehe.

    Cool, er, hot beans. Dang. I think my brother [mind you he's in college] has 800+. Crazy, no?

    Pahahaha. This made my CRACK UP. So there's the school newspaper and the writers themselves go out during lunch to sell them. Well, it isn't very good, but I bought one anyone because the guy was INSANELY cute. Unfortunately I have a hunch he's taken. Besides, he's a senior. Oh man. I was in love. Haha.

    Cathy: A girl's name. [LAME!]

    No rhyming intended.

  2. I really loved the picture :D

    That was a totally awesome observation. I think the world would look like that if I was on LSD, but unfortunately, my morals keep me from taking it.

    ...Even though "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" makes it sound so DAMN tempting!

    I have another entry up! I so totally rule.

    How is the whole Basil situation going? I'm sorry you're trying not to like him...I personally think you should keep liking him. If he's that good, why stop?

    Love, Love, Love,