Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Silence is the enemy against your urgency, so rally up the demons of your soul.

[Know Your Enemy--Green Day]
It ended as soon as I wrote that.
[We Made You--Eminem]
My egg burrito is 1) more of a lopsided square, and 2) is extremely messy. But it's good, so all is forgiven.
It all started when I was born.
[How You Love Me Now--Hey Monday]
I heard Basil say in science (after we were all packed up, waiting to be dismissed) "Me and Zac tricked it out of her..." Of course, I immediately thought of how they tricked Kim into telling them I liked him. So, naturally, I tried not to stare at him like the love-sick nut I am, and also trying to strain to hear the rest of the conversation. I didn't, though, and then I hear Seagull say, "That's so mean, Strawberry." (in that joking, sarcastic voice he uses for everything). I look over, and Basil is doing something with his hands that I don't see clearly because he 1) (whoa, second time I've used this style of listing things in one blog entry) stops doing it as soon as I look over, and 2) I was being a good girl and looking at Seagull, the one who'd addressed me.
I think I did a pretty good job (at first) of turning away and looking confused/annoyed, but it wasn't long before I was bursting into giggles. Jeez, my heart was audible from across the room, and he wasn't even the one speaking to me! Oh, bah. Bahbahbah. Quadruple blah. This sucks.
I mean, he said he didn't care when he found out I liked him, he said he'd forget about it. Did he forget about it? No! And now Seagull knows. You have no idea how insanely bad this is.
But...But...HE TOLD HIS FRIENDS. That means nothing, I know, but I think that's what made my heart beat like a jackhammer. Wait, that made no sense...
If Seagull tells Flower, which he probably will, my life is OVER.
Sometimes you get discourages
because I'm so small and
aways leave my fingerprints
on furniture and wall.
But everyday I'm growing,
I'll be grown up someday,
and all the tiny handprints
will surely fade away.
So here is a final handprint,
just so you can recall
exactly how my fingers looked
when I was very small.
AWWW! That was part of a project we did, like, years ago in school. It's a can! And I put my hand in paint and PUT MY HANDPRINT ON THE CAN.
Agh, I pressed the wrong button, and now this entry's all messed up! Oh well, I was done anyway.


  1. wait wat happened with kim

    omg my word is fooperks

  2. Okay, that comment you left me just made my life. Thank you.

    In other news about you're awesomeness, I really like your profile picture. You are quite the adorable-ness. *has trouble with my native language*

    I still don't understand why Basil is annoying you? Does he like you? Or was he just kidding when he asked you out? I think you should give him another chance, since you seem to like him so much (no matter how much you say you don't).

    I have nothing clever left to say, so I'll just say thanks again for the wonderful comment.

    Love, Love, Love,


    And a hello to you, too.

    I'm pretty sure you'll be okay. Now you have nothing to hide!! I say, congratulations:)

    I really like your colors by the way.


  4. hmmmm, basil and zac are both on my late bus, but i only recall basil doing the trick to me... zac had nothing to do with it, although he WAS there on the bus the day basil told me *how* he tricked me

  5. Well I'm sure they do have stuff like that wherever you are. It was so incredible though, getting kicked in the face sort of made my day. Wait... that sounded really weird.