Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Are we human, or are we dancer?

Possibly the greatest inside joke of all time, just because it's so open and everyone knows it. Haha, it's between me and Gem, and we recently added Melissa to the mix. I love inside jokes :)
So, after the movie, me and Kim went to the shopping center near the theater (not the mall, though, which is across the street). We went to Target, which had NOTHING cute at all there, which sucked, because I need new jeans (Silver ripped mine today...). We pretty much skipped every other store and ended up at Kohls, where we spent the rest of the time :) I like Kohls, but gosh darn it, they had nothing cute either. We pretended we were spies and Kim got sunglasses, though, so it'[wa]s all cool :)
I have...nothing else to write. I would update on the Basil-scenario, but there's nothing really to say. He asked what the French homework was? I didn't freak out when I told him? Um...

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