Saturday, April 4, 2009


The two on the sides are from my trip to California (read: forever ago), and the one in the middle is an awesome picture of my cat, Muddy. Hey! Look! You can see part of my room in that picture!
I put on make-up this morning. Blue, not purple.
Nat came over yesterday! It was super fun, cuz she came on my bus, which was cool, even though she sucked all the life out of the ride. She wouldn't sit in the two-seater with me, Gem, and Bruce! There was room!
She did, however, feel Bruce's hair, then I did. IT'S LIKE A SPONGE. But it is fuzzy. So it's all cool.
Then, when we got home, we ate BROWNIES! And they weren't DONE! But they were really GOOD! And we had SODA.
Then we went to my ROOM! (Okay, I'll stop.) We started a family on the Sims 2 (the keyboard didn't work, so that didn't get very far...) and I went through my old diary. Oh, memories. I was a creepy little optimistic freak then.
And mushy. Very, very mushy.
After about an hour of that, downstairs it was, to play Guitar Hero! I, of course, destroyed Nat (haha)...except when I upped my level, then I pretty much sucked. And more soda. And mom got THREE KINDS OF PIZZA! I had a lot of pizza...
COMPUTER TIME! This brings me to my third can of soda, posting pictures on Facebook, showing Nat my awesome new blog colors (you like?), and chatting with Kim. Then...
Oh, good times.
Nat insisted on putting purple eyeshadow on me instead of blue, but it didn't actually look that bad. I had my hair in pigtails, which beside the fact I'm not 5, also didn't look that bad. I made her look awesome, of course ;) "This is intense."
Then we watched Hellboy 2 till her dad picked her up (around 9:30ish). The fish dies.

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