Saturday, April 4, 2009

I couldn't stand to ruin my last entry with sordid talk of Basil.

But, since it goes against what I'm about to not talk about it, I will. On a seperate entry!
You see, yesterday we had to work in partners at our table. I claimed Silver, so Basil had to work with someone from another table (Blaise). She had this cool bracelet thingy that Blaise asked to see, and she wouldn't let him, so he [jokingly] called her selfish.
Then, get this, Basil says "Yeah, and her buddies are too." LOOKING RIGHT AT ME. He looked maddish and...I dunno, dark. WTF???
I never talk to him! He has no evidence to say I'm selfish! And seriously, of all the things I am, I am not selfish. And whenever I write 'selfish', I think of elves.
That jerk!!!!! Why won't he leave me alone?


  1. He secretly likes you.

    Just a thought.

    I could be wrong.

  2. I'd try to ignore it for the most part, try distracting yourself, like taking pieces of paper and writing a reason why you dislike him. Crumple them into balls of paper and toss them in the trash. Unwinding and stretching every single muscle you have, you may discover some you may have known were there. Better? But it's a very likely possibility that he likes you ...

  3. hes basil. he's trying to make your life miserable. ignore it.

  4. Alright, hence the "I could be wrong," part.

    I suppose so. And if that's the case, I'd go with lolo's advice: Ignore it.

  5. No, it's quite alright.

    Same. Smart in the social scene? Me? Let's all keep dreaming.

    By the way, about that picture you have off in the right-hand margin, [so long as you aren't looking at your computer upside-down, which I dont know, you might just for a change of pace, not to mention feel the rush of blood to the head, coincidentally also a good, but rather slow song, by Coldplay, one of my favorite bands] the world DOES look like that if you're on drugs. But I'm merely just guessing since I'm very above the influence and all that stuff.

    And now see, THAT up there, was rambling. You weren't rambling on your last comment to me. I promise. :]

  6. Cool beans.

    That's a little harsh on yourself, but okay?

    Pahaha, wow. You had me going for a minute.

    Do you own any of the CDs? I pilfered mine from my brother.

    Yay? haha.

    I have an essay to write. -_-