Friday, April 24, 2009

I couldn't decide on a title.

[Into the Ocean--Blue October]
I found my phone!
I also have a bad habit of not locking my iPod so it starts playing and loses half its batteries. But hey, we aren't all perfect.
I want to write, but I don't know what about. I need something completely new to think about...not the stories I already have, not the same old themes.
I'm really getting tired of writing paragraphs that begin with 'I'.
I can't stop.
I have my iPod on shuffle :) Supa fun. And yes, I realize I am weird for finding putting my iPod on shuffle exciting in any way. I AM A GENIUS. Kim gave me the idea, and don't worry, 'Ruthy' isn't offended. Haha, I'm not telling you guys who Ruthy is. :P
[Over You--Daughtry]
AHHH now I'm going to rant about Basil, because no entry would be complete without it. And I want to vent, and none of my friends are online.
I'm assuming my pretense of not liking [HAHAHAHA I have open as I write lame am I?] Basil is pretty much useless, since I've always been a horrible liar about these kinds of things. I'm coming clean: yes, I do still like him, but I don't WANT to like him. That oughta count for something!
And really, you can't blame me too much, I've liked the guy for over a year, for whatever unfathomable reason. It's hard to let go of that, even when it's what needs to be done. Right? I'm not just being stupid, right? RIGHT?
[Numb--Linkin Park]
Anyway, it's just....just...I keep wondering what he's thinking whenever he looks sad, or whenever he talks to me (to ask what the homework is, usually, or to copy off of my papers, which he's been forgetting to bring to class). I mean...I know he can't possibly think about me as much as I think about him, but does he ever? Does he ever wonder the things I wonder? Has he ever dreamed of me?
[Gives You Hell--The All-American Rejects]
At the same time, I hate myself for even thinking of that, because it's so glaringly obvious he only sees me as a nuisance. I think that's what low self-esteem is...not just seeing yourself as bad, but seeing some good in you then instantly beating yourself for daring to think that. I have the worst self-esteem. And I'm insecure. And I'm shy. AGH!
Okay. Breathing. In, out. Rant over.
[Give 'Em Hell, Kid--My Chemical Romance]
WHY. HAS. NO. ONE. COMMENTED. Why????????? Like, EVERYONE'S blogged, but not a SINGLE comment! What's with that? Am I no longer worthy of your comments? Well, FINE. I'll just comment you myself! You big meanies!
Ani made Silver be nice to me for today and Monday :) Oh, the joy. I'm trying to ignore the fact that she's being bribed with the threat of five bucks.
Did I ever mention, my mom has weird ideas about hair? She put ROLLERS in it. ROLLERS.

[We Didn't Start the Fire--Billy Joel]
My hair looked FREAKY this morning. Like, insanely curly. And poofy. It looked about half as short. So, I did what I always do when my hair's embarassing to look at: I put it in a ponytail. Even then part of it stuck out, so I added a hair clip (which I just realized I left in my gym sweats...) and left the bangs.
By the time I took it out, in gym, it had flattened out considerably. According to Silver, the front looked good, and the back looked like something from the 1920s. Oh well, I kept it down. It looked awesome by the time I got home :) But I didn't think to take pictures till an hour or two later.
[The Suffering--Coheed & Cambria]
I NEED AN ITUNES GIFT CARD! Like, desperately. But I also need to get soil and my rose. DILEMMA. I'm gonna get the soil.
Plans for a picnic with Lolo tomorrow :) If her parents say yes, we're going down to Penny Packer Park, where I got considerably muddy yesterday. Haha, my shoe got stuck like a foot under the mud, but I managed to dig it out. My mom took, like, eight pictures. I would post them, but that's probably not the best idea...since it's online...and we all know there are stalkers capable of tracking you and killing you from just a very muddy picture. You know it.
Lemme see if I can get them on anyway.
[Hotel Calfornia--The Eagles] (I'm beast at this song on Guitar Hero)
Nope. Ahh.
[Minority--Green Day]


  1. Okey doke then.

    Yellow cake with TONS of sugar. It's aight.

    I love 'The Suffering' by C&C, except for the fact that is off the mix CD Zack gave me. [Remind me to burn that, er shatter it into a million pieces by throwing it against a brick wall.] I can't believe I'm still mad at him. Oh well, he deserves it. He really does.

    Sorry I had taken so long to comment back. I'll try to make sure it won't happen again. :]

  2. Whenever I talk to my french friend I've always got word openat the same time. Just to, you know, emphasize and highlight my french brilliance...

  3. I honestly cannot remember if I've commented you. My brain absolutely refuses to function. Though I'm thinking all signs point to, I have not yet replied.

    Unfortunately I'm totally an expert on the whole 'not wanting to like (insert obsession's name her)'. I'm just so pathetic that way. It's awful, isn't it? But I think I've gotten to the point where I don't really care about that anymore. My beloved teachers have me preoccupied with evil homework. When I take over the world, homework will be the first to go.

    Where did your pics go? Did some stalker get too friendly?? Do I need to beat someone up???

    Just kidding. I'm definitely NOT the one to call for in a fight. I'm the chick who holds the earrings.

    So how are things, other than on the Basil front, that is?

    Oh and I have absolutely NO idea how to make that default icon pic in other people's follower box magically change into a picture. I fail at technology.


  4. Haha, I have the habit of leaving my iPod on too. I find being direct with a person is the best, ask if Basil would like to hangout with you, so you don't have to wonder because he's beside you. Hopefully this suits your dire need of comments. XD

  5. Kathryn-

    You have, but I don't remember it either :P
    Sorry I'm writing my response here, it's not letting me comment on your blog! Agh.

    I usually just get over it in a month or two. Or three. Tops: four. Over a year, however, is quite extreme.
    I hate homework, but I finish it quickly, which leaves me with plenty of room to drool [mentally] over Basil...
    When I take over the world, they guy you like will like you back.

    Haha, you added a new question mark for each one. And my mom made me take them off. Awwkwward. And no, no need to beat someone up (LOL).

    I usually avoid fighting...I'm not much of a puncher ;)

    Other than the Basil-front, okay. That's the best I can think of. Okay. There's a lot of fronts, but they're all mediocre...

    Haha, un-follow the blog then follow it again. I'm beast at technology. I feel so smart now.