Sunday, May 3, 2009

I had the perfect song-lyric and I FORGOT WHAT SONG IT CAME FROM!!!!1!!

Forgive me, o kind and faithful readers!
[A Kind of Magic--Queen]
I really do have an excuse for my [extended] absence. MOTHER DEAREST GROUNDED ME FROM THE COMPUTER. I actually didn't mind that much, except I COULDN'T BLOG. I had a lot to tell, too, on Saturday and Sunday at least...
[I Wasn't Prepared--Eisley]
I SPENT, LIKE, HALF THE WEEKEND WITH LOLO. It was supa amazingly fun. Okay, so 'half the weekend' was actually 21-ish hours (I've been planning this entry for awhile).
It all started out at 1:30 on Saturday when I FINALLY got to bring Lolo to Penny Packer Park. We didn't eat much of what we brought ourselves, mostly dining on the joyous deliciousness of Wawa hoagies/Mountain Dew (did I mention it was a picnic?).
[Walking After You--Foo Fighters]
After that we went down the path I got INSANELY muddy on, and I got muddy again, except not as much. That devious mud-trap was not taking my shoes this time! We were rather fair down when my dad called and asked us where we were. We had to go ALL THE WAY back, and we took a different path, which, though I picked it, was not the best idea.
FINALLY we got back, and Mom and Dad didn't wanna go on the muddy path, because they didn't want to crawl through the underbrush to get to the non-muddy part (which, by the way, is also muddy). So we went up to Driscoll and took pictures of turtles, then took the path around Hopkins, and took some quite lovely scenic pictures, and several pictures of ourselves, which cannot be classified as 'lovely'. I didn't see the fish under the bridge :(
Anyways, we got about halfway around the second side, where the GREAT FALLEN TREE is, when we met my parents, who had gone the other way. After climbing all over the tree, and taking profuse pictures, we had to head back. My parents, in all their grand unfit-ness (not that I'm any better) where tired. There was still a whole other path I had yet to show Lolo! Argh.
AFTER THAT we got Rita's! It was supa delicious. I got Peach Mango.
Lolo still had an hour till she had to be back home for Boat's b-day party, so we came back to my house and watched Family Sins. In that time, Lolo convinced me I should come with her to the birthday party. EVIL LOLO.
A nine year old's gymnastics party is not a fun thing to attend, especially when all the little kids are not only evil, but about a hundred times better than you at EVERYTHING, and one of them is a smartass sixth grader who threatens to 'throw' you. I could so take that b*tch.
The above was meant as a joke.
To make matters worse, at the very beginning, I got rug burn. Yes, rug burn. Jumping into a pit of foam squares and crawling under...things is not fun when you have rug burn. On your knee. My parents found this humorous, but have yet to tell me why.
It's STILL healing!
After the party dispersed, I went back to Lolo's house, where she asked her parents if we could have a sleepover. Surprise surprise, they said no!
I'm kidding. Obviously.
Here's a list, in chronological order, of what we did:
  1. Played WiiPlay.
  2. Helped Boat open presents, tried to play with a few. Shut up.
  3. Played 'Would You Rather' for a couple hours, in which I was thoroughly embarrassed.
  4. Went on the laptop; had pizza.
  5. Slept.

I probably have a few things off, but oh well. It was a week ago, for Pete's sake! And yes, I'm aware that it is sad that this is fun to me. DEAL WITH IT.

Um, weird, what's with the space?

My mom picked me up at around 10:30 to inform me I was grounded. Bah.

So, NJ ASK week at school. If you ask me, I'd rather have the NJ ANSWER! *waits for applause, laughter*

Not much has happened besides that. I cleaned my room?

Well, no, somethings did happen, but I don't really remember what they were, so I'm going to say they were insignificant and move on.

By 'move on', I mean 'end this entry'.



  1. haha my rug burn is goneeeeeeeeee

    omg wats with that- calaudis

  2. Stra-ba-ba-ba-ba-berryMay 3, 2009 at 7:41 PM


  3. Gotta love mountain dew! It's ages since I drank it's sweet greeny yellow flavour!
    Sounds like you had some muddy fun on that trip - it's all good!
    And the birthday party sounds good too - I'm thoroughly intrigued by these "Foam Squares".
    Please don't get grounded from the computer again!