Sunday, May 24, 2009

There's a ghost at the door.

New colors, but then, you've known that for four days.
Not much has happened in the time of my absence. I've been having wicked dreams for the past few nights (but not tonight, and I know why...grr) and I can't remember a single one. I had a mini-breakdown and unloaded on Nat via texting...but that's not fun.
Speaking of Nat and texting, I woke up at one in the morning with the phone in my hand and it buzzing from a text from Nat. She said I hung up on her. Apparently, she had called, and I was on for five seconds (I checked) before hanging up on her. I don't remember this at all. No wonder I didn't answer, I wasn't even conscious!
I really need to finish my French project and at least begin ILP, but as of late, I haven't felt like doing anything related to school. I have no drive to do homework, no matter how vitally important it may be! Actually, I've felt like this since the end of winter break, but that's another story.
I reallyreallyREALLY need to do these things, though.
IF my mom's schedule upholds, I might be going with Glue to see Night at the Museum 2 later this morning. If my mom ever wakes up. God, parents and sleeping in.
Adieu, mon amis. A tout a l'heure and all that.
Bonne nuit, bonne nuit.
La s├ęparation est tel chagrin doux,
que je dirai la bonne nuit jusqu' au lendemain.


  1. Lol. Are you happy I woke you up?

  2. I like the red; it's vibrant.

    Sorry this comment is going to be on the lame and short side, but I have a tons of cleaning I'm putting off...and I really shouldn't do that. Put it off, I mean.

    And can I get the translation for the stuff in French at the end? haha.

    icuriz: what a Russian scientist would say if he found the cure for AIDS or "it."

  3. me too, i find myself to be so tired these days that i have no motivation to carry on with doing coursework.

    all your friends have interesting names. haha. XD i want to see night at the musuem two, it looks a bit better than the orginal.

    ouais, ont une bonne semaine, et de tous.

  4. No problemo, just speaking my name.

    That is pretty beast.

    Yyyeeeaaaahhhh, and it's still not done. ^o^ And I should be studying for Spanish right now.

    Ooh, cool. Thanks for putting it in terms I could understand.

    oprofu- A mix between Oprah and tofu. :]

  5. Speaking my name?
    What the heck?
    Am I on drugs?
    [The answer is no to the last one, thank you very much.]

    But I most certainly meant to say "speaking my MIND."

    Ack, ack.