Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bon Jovi is Beast (my quest for the perfect love song)

Which this entry will not be about.
[I'll Be There For You--Bon Jovi]
I'm kinda a romantic, so on a whim, I googled 'greatest love songs of all time', where I stumbled upon I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing by Aerosmith. It was only part of it though, so, since I loved it, I youtubed it. After having listened to that about a million times, I looked at the related videos and found BON JOVI SONGS! <3
What do you know. This entry was about my quest for love songs.
[You Give Love a Bad Name--Bon Jovi]
Last night was actually really fun. I got a call from Nat and Lolo at about ten, and, surprise, Aaron was on too (conference mode). After awhile we added RWI and Marsha and we ended up talking till two in the morning.
Which is when my parents came upstairs and demanded my phone. Then Aaron called back because I was connected to Lolo and RWI and my mom almost instantly (after, of course, she told him to 'have a nice night'), said "Why is a BOOOOOOOOOOOOY calling you at two in the morning?"
Anyways, my phone is now not allowed upstairs. Poohey.
It is a little strange that Marsha actually stayed with us, though. Especially since he was tired :DC-C
That would be a person.


  1. Be very grateful the phone wasn't banned from your person, not just your room!

  2. I don't get what's so wrong about it, though :(

  3. Lol, your mom needs to change her name from annonymous to mom.
    And Marsha= markymark
    RWI= Lyra