Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It is they who shine, but us who exist.

It is night in Newton City.
Everywhere is the sound of music. There is no rest for the beautiful, the wealthy.
They party all night to the sound of electronica.
Life is one long enjoyment to them,
and death is meaningless, for they are immortal in their glory.
On the streets of Newton City, the forsaken comes to life.
They begin to roam the streets.
They are on the hunt.
The immortals of Newton City are unaware of the forsaken ones,
for they are invisible to all.
All except one.
The dark and mysterious ones are all-powerful,
and all-knowing
and beautiful
and dangerous.
Especially one.
The one they call Mytyca.
The one who wants control of Newton City
and will stop at nothing to get it.
The one who watches with solemn eyes
the petty immortals.
The one who is more violent and bloodthirsty
than anyone in history was before.
The one who has seen things that should not exist
and felt things that no other being has.
The one who is the most powerful being on earth.
Only one can stop him.
The rejected immortal they call Itana.
Itana Shaline is the only one who can see
the forsaken ones,
and the only one who can save Newton City
from the wrath of the betrayed.
There is no one who can stop Mytyca
except one.


  1. Hey, new blog. already. haha.
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  2. I know! I saw it! It's amazingtasticfuls!
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