Thursday, June 25, 2009

But they wee!

Is the greatest phrase in the universe. So great, in fact, that I couldn't put it on my 'Favorite Phrases' list.
I TOTASTICALLY CHANGED THE TEMPLATE OF MY BLOG!!! You like? I certainly do. I know it's pink, but it's cool pink, not Legally Blonde pink. It took forever to get all my widgets back after the template-change deleted them, ugh.
So, Nat and Toogood (my first major crush from forever ago) are starting to become friends. That's...well, that's weird. Me and him could never be friends; he broke my heart and I've confirmed in his eyes that I'm psychotic. But still. Nat always gets the guys.
WOW, do I sound whiny!
Okay, so, I MIGHT have a new crush (thank goodness, it would be boring as hell without one. Wait, no, NOT thank goodness! This is bad!). It's just...whenever he's on Facebook, part of me is terrified out of my mind because I'm afraid of being anywhere near him (even cyberly), and part of me is begging him not to sign off. There's more than that,'s complicated. And it's a secret. A HUGE secret. No one can know! Not even Lolo, Nat, Ani, or Silver.
Silver is at camp :( she won't be back till August!
Birthday in T-minus TWO MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hurrah! It's the 25th, right?
Yeah. So. That's all I have to talk about. Going to the mall on Saturday. Gonna remake our image ;)
Won't that be fun.
Songs bought with the 25$ iTunes card my parents got me-
  1. I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing--Aerosmith
  2. Dirt Room--Blue October
  3. Good Girls Go Bad--Cobra Starship
  4. The Scientist--Coldplay
  5. Situations--Escape the Fate
  6. Jump--Flo Rida (thank you Basil)
  7. LoveGame--Lady GaGa
  8. Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)--Lady GaGa
  9. New Divide--Linkin Park
  10. Desolation Row--My Chemical Romance
  11. Invincible--OK Go
  12. Get Over It--OK Go
  13. Pain--Three Days Grace
  14. Secret Valentine--We the Kings
  15. Skyway Avenue--We the Kings

I still want Don't Ask Me from OK Go and Over and Over from Three Days Grace, but they raised the prices on a lot of songs on iTunes :( I have $5.53 left, though!


  1. Firstly, Cobra Starship! Amazing. Can't believe I got tickets to go see them and then had to give them up because of the age restriction. And We The Kings, you should get their whole album if you haven't got it already.
    And secondly, yes I do listen to Linkin Park but I have to disagree with you on their best songs. Okay so Numb definitely is one of their best but then so is Somewhere I Belong and The Little Things Give You Away. I like most of their songs though. :)
    And thank you for liking my review blog. It's what I want to do professionally.

  2. Seriously? Cobra Starship are immense. I've been listening to them for years now.
    I have something against iPods, even if I do have one and take it with me everywhere. It always seems to mess up and I never even created an iTunes account.
    I think I have to be in a bad mood to listen to Linkin Park. Probably because they're not the happiest band around...
    And I'm getting extremely excited about All Time Low's new album!
    Not exactly a newspaper. A music magazine, preferably Rocksound, although that's unlikely.
    And thanks :) It's nice to know that someone actually reads that blog.

  3. Yeah, I sort of see what you mean about Cobra Starship, they're not the most [erm, how do I put it]emotional band around but they're awesome for having a good time.
    Haha Disney songs. I'm officially the only person who doesn't like Disney. I like the classics but all their new films are pretty crap to be honest.
    You think your iTunes is weird, try having mine. I don't have an account but the library is messed up bad at the moment. My total stays the same but half the songs have just vanished completely.
    Not really sure what iPod I have but it's purple so it's all good. I can't really say it's 'da bomb'... it blatantly doesn't work with an English accent.
    And yup, Rocksound is a British magazine but apparently they sell it everywhere. That's quite a large pond too...