Saturday, June 27, 2009

"I'm quick to think, slow to react. Baby, you won't have time to blink. I'm coming back."

Today kinda sucked. Just a little.
It sucked (kind /a/ little) because me and Nat were gonna go to the mall, and it ended up being cancelled because my mom had to be at work by 1, and Nat couldn't make it by 12:30, which was the drop-off-point for my mom. Mom couldn't stay because she COULD NOT be late, and she wouldn't leave me at the mall alone for ten minutes. It sucked.
But I got a Xenga! It's just like Blogger, except spelled Xenga. I got one so I could say hi to Marisa (you all remember her, right?)
That's it. That's the only thing worth mentioning that I did all day.


  1. Sorry about the plans; the same thing happens to me ALL THE TIME.

    Awesome. Guess what? I have a xanga, too.

  2. :-( sry, at least I met a hot buissnessman, jose gondalez, 2day. other than that my day was dull too.

  3. I think I got it to work...

    Maybe. We'll see then.

    Love, Love, Love,

  4. Right, same with most of my friends.

    No...I don't know what it's called per se, but I commneted on Marisa's lastest entry. You should be able to find it.